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Many people have this terrible problem when a mice appears in their house or in their apartment. No matter what part of the house mice use to hide, this techniques will eliminate them all, and the best part is that you don’t need to use any traps or mice poison. Before applying any of these techniques you should note that we advise you not to use technique 4 in order to avoid dealing with this burden. For this method you need to take equal part of dry Plaster of Paris, flour and a tablespoon of salt. So as soon as the mice eat this mixture they will feel thirsty and will drink the water from the bowl. However at this point it is very important for you to know that the appearance of mice can be a lot more than just a problem.

Here in this article we will show you some effective techniques that will help you solve this problem. Mice can be found everywhere, in the city or in the countryside and everyone hates them because they mess out food, eat our cables, they scare us, eat our clothes, damage our furniture, leave their feces and urine all over the house and they carry diseases, which can be transferred to humans. Then mix these ingredients and put them in a plate and place the plate near the entrance of your home. First of all you need to seal all the cracks and the holes in your house or apartment, in order to stop the entering of more mice.
Today on the market you can find many different traps and cages that can help you solve this problem. For this method all you have to do is mix chocolota powder with some plaster powder, put this mixture in a plate and leave it outside your home.

However many people don’t like using traps or poison because of the smell, because most of the rats when they are poisoned hide in holes and the owner of the house cannot reach them to throw them out so they rot in the holes and an unpleasant odor spreads all over the place.
After they have eaten the mixture they will drink the water, which will harden the mixture in them and they will eventually die.

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