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People suffering from stinky feet smell are highly embarrassed in the public when trying to take off their shoes. There are several remedies which can help to get rid of foot odor. It is a great idea to sprinkle baby powder or baking soda in your shoes and on your feet to prevent feet from smelling awful.
Allowing the baby powder or baking soda to stay in the shoes overnight and removing it in the morning before wearing them is a good idea to prevent foot odor. Scrubbing the feet with a homemade foot scrub made of lemon, radish, and ginger would help in reducing food odor successfully. Apart from the above discussed natural remedies to remove stinky feet smell, it is advised to remain bare foot as often as you can, so that the feet can get some fresh air.
Further, it is suggested to keep changing the socks during the day, if you plan to stay out for a longer time period. I have never heard of San Pellegrino mineral water, but I'm sure its fine or even better than using the plain distilled water. Halitosis, also known as bad breath, is not only a dental problem that affects adults, it can also be pretty common in children. While it’s normal for a child to wake up with smelly breath (it’s normal for adults too), if the stench continues throughout the day, there may be other explanations for the bad breath. One of the first things to try is to make sure your children know how to brush and floss properly. Asthma is the most chronic disease in children and affects nearly 24 million Americans, of which about 6 million are under 18. After cleansing the feet with soap, you should dry them properly with clean, dry, and soft towel before wearing socks.

Washing the feet with salt water would assist in reducing the moisture level of the feet, hence decreasing the tendency of the feet to produce stinky smell.
Also, soaking the feet in vinegar at least twice in a week would remove stinky feet smell successfully. But if your child has bad breath that doesn’t go away, it’s not a result of those stinky chips your child just ate.
Perhaps they aren’t flossing and brushing enough or, when they do, they’re doing it too fast.
During sleep, the number of bacteria in the mouth rises, which gives us all morning breath. We’ll check out what’s going, determine the underlying cause, and recommend the best solution for your child. Asthma is a serious medical condition that, if not treated proactively, can lead to trouble breathing, wheezing, and sometimes, even death. Soaking the feet in warm salt for a few minutes also works very well in getting rid of stinky feet smell. Halitosis is caused by bacteria that live in the mouth and survive off of leftover particles and plaque on teeth. When a child doesn’t follow a proper brushing and flossing routine, plaque can buildup and bacteria can multiply, causing a foul odor in the mouth.
However, brushing and flossing in the morning, and increased saliva production throughout the day, should help wash away bacteria and debris, and breath should become fresher.

A lot of bacteria can stay on the tongue even through a good tooth brushing, so make sure that’s cleaned too.
If you just need some tips on how to make brushing fun or how to teach your little one to take care of his teeth, just ask.
There is no harm in carrying extra pair of socks with you in the bag. You should also try to change your shoes every day to prevent foot odor.
To help, make sure to maintain regularly scheduled appointments with your pediatric dentist in Wichita. Wearing shoes which are able to breathe properly would help in reducing the accumulation of moisture in the feet.
Our pediatric dental office in Wichita is here to help you understand some of the causes of bad breath, what bad breath could mean, and some ways to fix it. Breathing through the mouth dries it out quickly and the saliva can’t do its job of flushing out the bad stuff. Also you can use deodorant on feet before wearing socks and shoes, so as to prevent foot odor.
Lastly, encourage brushing after meals so food particles don’t have a chance to linger around.

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