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More than anything, what you need to pay attention to when you have the stomach flu is dehydration caused by diarrhea or vomiting. It is a good idea to drink a lot of fluids. Diarrhea, a very common stomach flu symptom, causes dehydration very quickly.
Simplifying your diet will help you cure gastroenteritis.Keep your diet down to clear liquids for the first 24 hours (broth, water, juices). Yogurt is a great way to regain your digestive abilities after a bout with gastroenteritis. Cook your own food, because chances are good that you got this virus by ingesting something outside of your home. By now you should realize that there isn’t much more you can do about gastroenteritis or the stomach flu than simply treat the symptoms and wait for death.
I am on day three of this nasty stomach flu… and the chills, dizziness, and slight fever are gone, but I still have UNBEARABLE stomach pains (almost like muscle cramping) is this common for the stomach flu?
It’s been a week today that I have been fighting with this nasty stomach virus that I have. I thought I had a 1 day stomach flu…it was really bad for 1 day, the second day I felt good enough to go back to work and now the 3rd day I feel like I’m dying again! Im on day 3 and I k ow I probably shouldn’t have drank a small glass of milk but I feel physically better, just still having diarrhea. Best article I’ve read on the subject, very easy to read, which is great as most people read it while going through the symptoms.
This person came to the emergency department with a painful bump after the wrist was hit by a car door.

I hadn’t felt that bad since elementary school when the stomach flu was an almost annual tradition for each and every student. The symptoms associated with a stomach virus include dizziness, vomiting, cold sweats, fever, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and the irking suspicion that you may end up losing your innards to the porcelain gods since you emptied your stomach five heaves ago. Even after drinking almost 8-10 glasses of water every day, the doctor said I was still dehydrated and short of electrolytes.
If you feel better after 24 hours, then you can move on to foods like white rice, white bread, apple sauce, and bananas. Your body is running on reserves and needs you to be lying down so you don’t waste protein and calories that could be used to fuel your immune system. Gastroenteritis, or an intestinal infection, can kill a lot of the good bacteria in your intestines, leaving you digestively incapacitated.
I am currently in the throes of this thing, and my question is… is it necessary to vomit to purge the infection, or will my gut bacteria and diorrhea eventually win the battle? The first sign that a person would get is a burning sensation in the mouth, followed by appearance of blisters.
Try to avoid citrus, greasy foods, dairy and tomato products, alcohol, coffee, and carbonated drinks.
That’ll knock the pain out, help you sleep, and make everything really funny before you pass out.
Yogurt contains bacteria that are good for your intestines, and will help your body digest food more easily.
I have the most severe body aches and was wandering if pain killers would make my diarreah and vomiting worse so thank you.

The worst of the symptoms are much improved, dizziness, chills, but I still have nausea daily that lasts for hours.
Sometimes, the underlying disease in kidney and stomach will reflect by the symptoms of mouth ulcer. Besides helping you recover from gastroenteritis, yogurt also helps people digest lactose better by supplying the bacteria most of us host naturally. If anything, antibiotics will make it worse because antibiotics kill the good bacteria in your intestinal tract, making you more susceptible to severe abdominal cramps and gas. In case the blisters do not get settle down within a week, you need to consult a doctor, since it can be formed due to other reasons like hormonal imbalance and bowel disease.
The real flu is a respiratory illness caused by the influenza virus, while gastroenteritis is caused by a viral infection in the intestines. So, eat a little yogurt after you’ve passed the clear liquid diet phase and help your guts feel better.
If you don’t like yogurt, you can always try Probiotic Pearls that claim to do the same thing, sold at Amazon.

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