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It is all-natural and effective in preventing and reducing the appearance of stretch marks on the belly.
Like I already mentioned, it is important to get rid of the dead skin, and to reveal the new skin that is hiding underneath. By stimulating collagen production in the areas with stretch marks, you can reduce the look of them by smoothing out their appearance. Get my FREE handbook filled with sexy styles the celebs are wearing, and where you can get the look at a more affordable price point.
If you have stretch marks, don’t worry – almost everyone gets them, even models! For pregnant moms worried about stretch marks on their tummies, shea butter is your savior!
Lemon juice works wonders when it comes to lightening dark spots and that includes stretch marks. No, you don’t need to apply or rub water on your stretch marks, but you will need to drink it! Continue the cocoa butter application a few times daily as part of your regular skin care regimen.
According to the Mayo Clinic site, Retin-A helps to reconstruct skin collagen and to return the skin to its natural texture. Laser surfacing will help remove the stretch marks for life, leaving you with no trace of them. The stretch marks will lessen and eventually vanish after a series of dedicated applications. Constant use of Vitamin E oil will help lighten stretch marks, including those from previous pregnancies.
It is suggested by dermatologists that taking at least 500 mg of vitamin C supplement plus fresh fruits can help decrease the visibility of stretch marks.

And though everyone has them, we still find them quite embarrassing and unsightly on ourselves. However, there are always those pesky ones in obvious places that we are just too insecure to show.
This is crucial because this will optimize the effect of any treatments that you apply on the skin afterwards. The skin is more prone to looking crepey, and it brings out all of the bumps and grooves in skin. Drinking enough water helps keep your skin more elastic and less prone to anymore stretch marks, and we just can’t risk getting new stretch marks if we are trying to get rid of your old ones! As we age, collagen production slows down, and causes our skin to wrinkle and give it that “aged” look. For stretch marks, aloe vera promises to soothe and moisturize dry skin, thus speeding up the healing process and reducing the appearance of stretch marks. Because egg whites are great for lightening, toning and tightening skin, they make an amazing stretch mark-remover! Some essential oils are packed with Vitamin E, which is great for softening and restoring the suppleness of your skin.
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These visible marks may be whitish in color (for those who are lucky) or purple-red (for those who are not so lucky) and accumulate over the nine months of pregnancy. It is best to apply this cream to the affected area after your postpartum check-up or when the stretch marks are still new. If you often hear horror stories regarding stretch marks from your next of kin, you are likely to develop them.
You will also notice that after exfoliation, your skin will have a smoother texture, which also helps in masking the stretch marks.

Keeping the stretch marked area well moisturized will help the skin maintain a healthy and plump look. You can see how this makes our existing stretch marks look even worse than they really are. To use, mix sugar, lemon juice and your oil of choice together to make a scrub perfect for getting rid of stretch marks! If using essential oils, be sure to dilute them beforehand with a carrier oil (our favorites are coconut and hemp).
We want to share our passion for makeup and beauty and inspire you to create amazing day-to-day looks that are simple, effortless, and reflect the real beauty inside of you. Apply the solution to the affected area once in the morning and one more time just before bedtime. Tell your doctor that you are using it in case he has some precautions, especially if you are breastfeeding. Note, however, that these solutions are prohibited during pregnancy and while breastfeeding due to their possible effects on the child. Protect yourself by following the above tips on how to get rid of stretch marks after pregnancy.
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