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There is no doubt that our bodies change dramatically during pregnancy, and while many changes, such as posture, weight gain and abdominal separation can be reversed, there are some changes that will be with us for life. Loose skin, stretch marks and varicose veins to name but a few, are amongst those permanent changes, and it is very easy to get down in the dumps about them. So, next time you look in the mirror, don’t see the negatives and mentally beat yourself up.
Have you been through an experience where you lay your hands on a beautiful, short, sleeveless dress at the mall and then, but put it back down with a feeling of disappointment gripping your mind? Freshly extracted aloe vera gel is full of antioxidants that help the skin during the healing process. Retinol is a type of vitamin A that is used to treat skin conditions, including stretch marks.
Pulsed dye laser treatment is an effective method for reducing the appearance of early stretch marks. How lose belly fat fast rid belly fat 5 steps, See how to lose belly fat & burn enough total body fat to get your abs to show by following tips to lose belly fat and a workout plan to get abs fast. How rid red acne marks face fast overnight, Learn rid acne red marks fast home remedies.
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But we can’t change them so we might as well learn to love them, and most of all be proud of them. They are purple or pink streaks on the skin that develop during the course of pregnancy, and begin to turn white as time goes by.
You can extract some potato juice by grating a potato and then squeezing the liquid out of it. This cactus in your garden works wonders when it comes to lighten newly developed stretch marks.
Free-radicals cause damage to the healthy cells of our body, including those of the skin causing it to age and sag. The urge to gorge on burgers and pizzas during one’s teens due to hormonal changes snatches the body of zinc.

However, it is so obvious that should you gain weight or get pregnant again, new stretch marks would crop up. Women’s bodies are truly miraculous and we should celebrate the memories that pregnancy and child birth leave behind. However, a woman can develop stretch marks due to obesity or drastic fluctuations in weight as well. Apply this juice on your stretch marks and leave it for 15-20 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water.
Applying aloe vera gel onto the skin speeds up the healing process and soothes the skin as well.
Vitamin E preserves the youth of the skin by protecting it from the blow of free-radicals, strengthening its collagen fibres. It isn’t equally effective on old stretch marks, but it does improve the texture of the skin to a considerable extent. This technique is highly recommended to remove older stretch marks on virtually any part of the body. It is entirely up to a woman to choose a course of treatment, depending on her preference, budget and the intensity of her desire to regain her youthful skin. Keep reading, to know how you can revive the beauty of your skin snowed under with the stretch marks.
Loaded with vitamins A, D and E, using olive oil is a great way to moisturize the skin and make it supple. It is a simple and natural way to noticeably reduce new stretch marks, especially on the inner side of the thighs. Zinc helps the skin to stay healthy even while it stretches, thus preventing stretch marks.
However, using such skin creams is a big no during pregnancy or while nursing a baby because it has a potential to affect baby’s physical development. A tad bit heavy on the pocket, microdermabrasion is a really effective way to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Nevertheless, it depends on our body to accept or resist any treatment, home remedy or a cosmetic procedure.
Some girls get stretch marks as they hit puberty, when the hormones are all over the place.

You can make a skin scrub to treat your stretch marks by using these 3 magical ingredients in your kitchen. It also accelerates the synthesis of collagen, a protein that keeps our skin firm and prevents it from sagging. Eating foods rich in zinc content help the skin heal faster and make stretch marks disappear quicker. Massage with vitamin E oil on the belly, thighs and butt to prevent the stretchy monsters from haunting your skin! Melanin turns the white stretch marks similar to the color of the normal skin, thus making them less obvious. When you feel like dressing up in your favourite outfit, you always have make-up to camouflage the residual flaws. Gently massage this scrub onto the stretch marks in circular motions for ten minutes before you step into the shower. If your stretch marks are pink or purple in color, vitamin E oil is probably the best natural remedy.
Including these foods in your diet can make your skin look substantially better in little time. It doesn’t cause much discomfort, apart from mild stinging sensation and redness of skin.
Stretch marks can develop on the skin of not only the waist and belly, but also the butt, thighs and arms.
A slight stinging sensation and reddening of skin is usually experienced, which lasts for a few days. Laser therapy can be used to treat stretch marks on the thighs, arms, tummy, butt and waist. As it continues to distend, the cells cannot maintain their shape beyond a certain limit and make way for stretch marks. This happens because the tension tears of the collagen fibres that render the skin its firmness.

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