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When you spend a little bit too much time out in the sun, you are often left with bright red skin that is tender to the touch. Of course, aloe vera is one of the most trusted and widely-used ways to get rid of sunburn.
This oil comes from the South Pacific, an area where their sunburn remedies can be trusted, since the sun shines most days of the year. Coconut oil is hard when it is chilled, so it can offer significant pain relief from sunburn. The sun’s rays are very harmful for the skin, and may cause various kinds of problems like acne, pimples, freckles, and sunburn. The healing of the sunburn may result in peeling of the skin, thus making a path for the arrival of new and fresh skin.
The scrub should be massaged on the skin every alternate day for around three to four minutes to get rid of dead and flaky skin. The moisturizing and hydrating properties of aloe vera gel with respect to skin cannot be ignored.
It is mandatory to keep the skin properly hydrated so as to get rid of dead skin from sunburn. Avoiding exposure to the skin is imperative to prevent further burning of the skin and to speed up the healing process.
Sunburn is not only painful, it can be dangerous since it increases your risk of skin cancer. An aloe vera plant’s leaves have cool, soothing liquid that you can release by cutting a leaf open.

It can help counteract damage done by the sun, especially if you use it immediately after realizing that you have a sunburn.
Not only can kukui nut oil reduce pain caused by sunburn, it can protect your skin from further sun damage and speed healing. Polyphenols can help your body resist UV rays, so drinking black tea on a regular basis can protect your skin from sun damage. Chill the coconut oil before you use it and then liberally apply it to your sunburned skin. You can combine equal parts of chilled water and cold vinegar to a spray bottle and spray the mixture on your sunburned skin.
When applied topically to sunburned skin, honey can heal skin cells and help your body more quickly heal damaged cells.
It gives a very ugly look to the face.The entire beauty of the skin gets deteriorated when the skin becomes dead. The natural process of skin peeling may be quite slow, which may not be noticed by an individual.So, there is a need to speed up the process of getting rid of dead skin, so that the skin attains its natural beauty and glow soon. It helps in removing the dead skin in a very effectual way, while helping to attain a revitalized and beautiful skin from inside.
Regular application of aloe vera gel on the skin would certainly be of massive support in getting rid of dry and dead skin.However, it is highly recommended to make sure that the gel does not contain any additives like dyes and fragrances, which may further cause a burning sensation on the skin.
Drinking sufficient amount of water is a very good and natural way of maintaining the hydration level of the skin. If you find yourself with a painful sunburn, we can help you learn how to get rid of sunburn.

While it does not prevent or heal a sunburn, a liberal application of aloe vera can definitely make your sunburn less painful. It continues to have therapeutic effects up to eight hours after your sunburn makes its appearance. You should apply this oil as soon as possible after getting a sunburn to get as much benefit from it as possible.
However, if you have a sunburn already, you should use black tea topically for best results.
As it comes to room temperature and melts, it will form a protective layer over your skin that can protect it from further skin damage. You may choose any kind of exfoliating scrub for this process or may make a natural exfoliating scrub at home by combining together oatmeal and honey. Around ten glasses of water should be consumed daily for revitalizing and reviving the skin. You can either cut open vitamin E capsules and rub the liquid onto your sunburn or you can look for vitamin E gel at a health food store. Try to use honey that is as unprocessed as possible, as it will likely have more active ingredients than processed honey.

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