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What are sunspots? The sunspots can be darker or lighter than your normal skin tone and can occur in different shapes and colors.
Are skin sunspots the same as freckles? No, Freckles and Sun spots may look similar but are two different things. Causes of skin sun spots? The sunspots on your skin, the so called solar lentingines, are caused by direct, prolonged exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays or from artificial sources of ultraviolet rays, like from a tanning bed.  The people with lighter skin are more likely to get sunspots skin. How to get rid of sunspots on face and skin: Knowing the factors that can cause sun spots will help in getting rid of sunspots on face and skin. Since, this is a natural treatment, so you will need to apply this consistently for at least six weeks to see a difference. Caution: If you have very sensitive skin, the lemon juice may irritate your skin, so try to dilute the lemon juice with water, rose water or honey. An alternative option is to mix enough sugar with lemon juice to make a spreadable paste of uniform consistency.
Other professional treatments for getting rid of sunspots: In case you are not getting any positive response from the above at home skin sunspot remedies, we advise you to visit your dermatologist.
If you feel these types of professional treatments are too costly for your pocket, then you can consider over-the-counter products as a topical approach to get rid of skin sunspots.
To take the benefits of both use this recipe: You can use apple cider vinegar and lemon juice as a skin toner. Like lemon, lime belongs to the citrus family and as such, is a valuable resource of citric acid.
I have a hyper pigmentation mark that is red in color from a cold sore 4 years ago…Do you think lemon may help it fade to my natural skin tone and not be red?
Try above natural remedies and if after 6-8 weeks you find no difference, I suggest you consult a skin specialist. For your sensitive skin, dilute the lemon juice with rose water, honey or water and apply on your skin as suggested in the article. Also you can combine enough sugar with lemon juice to make a spreadable paste of uniform consistency. Ive been using the Made from Earth Cucumber Gel because it really works for reducing discoloration from acne and sun spots. So we told you all about how to prevent sunspots, but what can you do for the ones that are already on your skin? CONNECT WITH FT: Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and sign up for our newsletter for the latest news and features from fashion. Apple cider vinegar that contains onion juice is among the popular home remedies that people use to get rid of white sunspots on face, back or chest. This offers numerous benefits to your skin especially if you want to know how to get rid of white sunspots on face.
These two are among the essential oils that work effectively to help in getting rid of white sunspots. If yes, then you have come to the right place to know how do you get rid of sunspots on face and skin.
They usually occur on areas of the skin that get regularly exposed to sun, and particularly appear on your nose, cheeks, upper lip, ears, forehead, neck, arms, back of your hands.
Some people have sun allergies, which then can cause sunspots skin from being in sun for any length of time.

Increased exposure to sun leads to sun spots on skin, which can make you look older than your real age.
But our advice is to check with a dermatologist first, if you are worried about spots on your skin. How to prevent skin sunspots: As over exposure to sun is the most common culprit, so obviously limiting your exposure to sun is the best way to prevent skin sun spots. Invest in good quality sun blocks with enough SPF levels to protect your skin from further sun damage to skin. Getting rid of sunspots naturally: Use these all-natural remedies to get rid of skin sunspots at home and get your glowing skin back again.
You can either lightly rub fresh lemon slice or even lemon juice directly on the affected areas, a couple of times a day. You can squeeze out aloe vera gel directly from the plant or use a good quality herbal cream enriched with aloe vera.
Soak a green tea bag in boiling water for some time, squeeze the tea bag onto a cotton ball and rub the damp ball over the sunspots skin two times a day. While it’s true that usually skin sun spots are harmless and not cancerous, still to rule out the risk take the opinion of a skin specialist. But still before trying these, consider consulting your dermatologist to find out which one will work best for you. It contains mild acid that works to lighten skin spots that are dark, helps in getting rid of dead skin cells and facilitates regeneration of new skin cells. Please keep in mind this is a natural treatment, so you will need to apply this consistently for at least 6 weeks to see a difference. I emailed their customer services to ask about the ingredients, and they informed me that it has 22% vitamin C and thats what makes it work so well. This treatment uses a vacuum-like device to stimulaye blood circulation circulation and encourage the regeneration and collagen. All rights reserved.Your Privacy RightsThe material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Fashion Times. These dark spots, which can be caused by the healing of wounds after any damage to your skin, exposure to the sun, prescription drugs, and hormonal factors, are technically known as hyperpigmentation. If you opt to use it, you need to first chop an onion and allow it to emit the juice for some time before collecting it into another pot and mixing it with a similar amount of apple cider vinegar.
You should mix a similar amount of cod liver oil and castor oil before using it two times daily to get rid of sunspots from your face. And in some cases some people’s body produce an increased amount of melanin, which is responsible for developing darker areas on their skin. If your dermatologist finds them to be of harmless kind, then you can apply any of the methods outlined in this article to remove sun spots. As your arms, hands, face, neck and shoulders are regularly exposed to sun, so keeping covered these areas will certainly prevent skin sunspots.
So to prevent skin sun spots, consider installing an anti-UVB coating on your car’s windows. Start from forehead and work down to apply evenly all over your face and other affected areas. Continue this home remedy for at least two months to make skin sunspots to slowly and effectively fade away.

There are a range of sun skin spot treatment options available besides above all-natural remedies. Zeefah Ali, Top Aesthetician at holistic med spa, Trifecta, offered up some effective ways to say 'so long' to sunspots. They are associated with aging the same way wrinkles are and hence, they are not dangerous. You should use it on your skin by applying it for 10 to 15 minutes before washing your face properly using fresh water. You should mix honey with Vitamin E capsule before using it on the affected area or your skin.
Freckles on the other hand are tiny brownish spots on human skin that occur in case of those people who have fair complexion and usually occur on face.
Before we get into how to remove sun spots, let us first understand ways to prevent skin sunspots.
You will experience a little redness or fell some stinging at first, which is normal (just like you would experience with a toner). These treatments include over-the-counter drugs, chemical peels, dermatological procedures, like laser therapy, cryotherapy, freezing, dermabrasion, etc. In combination with aloe, this emollient is a must-have for anyone looking to reverse sunspots," the medical spa pro noted. When you want to get rid of white sunspots, fresh vegetable such as tomato is a good source for the home remedies that you need. If you have a sensitive skin, or it feels too strong dilute the mixture with a little water.
A word of caution here is that lemon juice makes your skin extra sensitive to sun, so never go out in sun with lemon juice on your skin, rather be sure to cover the affected areas when you’re going out in sun.
For example, whereas laser therapy annihilates the cells that generate extra pigment, the cryotherapy, or freezing, on the other hand, annihilates the extra pigment itself.
The lower the pH the more acidic the substance is, so lemon is just a tiny bit more acidic than lime. Also if you have dry skin then it can make your skin feel drier, so moisturize your skin after applying this home remedy. Dermabrasion and chemical peels both work to eliminate the top layer of sun damaged skin, so that a fresh new layer is regenerated. This remedy tends to make your skin more sensitive to sun exposure, so make it sure that you wear sunscreen every day.
The dermatologist will diagnose and suggest you which one of these would work best in your case. If you’re really concerned, just use a little bit of extra lime juice in skin treatments.

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