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If you think it's yeasty in nature, try these in conjunction with the topical cream Askr mentioned. I get heat rash in the summer, and tea tree oil was the only thing that really worked for me. If it turns out that you are allergic to your own sweat, you may find that talking to a doctor may reveal a good broad-spectrum skin allergy medication for you. I am allergic to my own sweat and to pressure (doesn't matter what it is that's putting the pressure on my skin).

Nthing that you should try antifungal cream, like clotrimazole, as others have said the stuff for jock itch would probably work. Ask MetaFilter is a question and answer site that covers nearly any question on earth, where members help each other solve problems.
You can get them in areas that stay moist, such as the boob creases, gut roll creases, downtown creases, and even knee and elbow creases. Without a daily dose of the OTC Zyrtec (or generic), I get really hyperreactive to my own skin pressing on other portions of my skin.

In the meantime, you could try something like over the counter clotrimazole cream to treat it, some spray antiperspirant to keep the area from sweating (maybe not both at the same time?), and try cutting sugar out of your diet for a while.

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