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Ankle swelling is a serious problem which is faced by many people at some point of time in life. An individual may not be able to move his or her leg due to pain and swelling in the ankle. The above discussion clearly reveals the most common factors responsible for ankle swelling.
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Yahoo answersMy Dog has been feeling joint pain lately, so I gave him some marijuana to numb his pain, Is this wrong?
Do you think there would be any side effects for giving my dog marijuana to numb his horribly painful joint pain ?
The study concluded that smoking cannabis is not recommended for the treatment of any disease condition, but did conclude that nausea, appetite loss, pain and anxiety can all be mitigated by marijuana. Patients with spinal disorders who quit smoking may experience substantial improvements in back pain, according to the findings of an analysis of a prospectively maintained database.

The findings, published in the December 2012 issue of Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, support the need for smoking cessation programs for patients with spinal disorders and back pain.
Any kind of injury in the ankle should not be ignored and reported to the doctor immediately, so as to prevent the ankle to swell. Gout is a condition associated with excessive build up of uric-acid crystals inside the ankle’s fluid. This problem occurs due to improper flow of blood in both legs. Chronic ankle swelling is mostly observed in people suffering from peripheral edema.
Improper blood flow causes blood clotting, which eventually leads to swelling in the ankle and the foot.
The understanding about the ankle swelling causes would help to treat the problem in an effective way.
Do you know of any easier ways or techniques for getting the dog to smoke the marijuana joint? It most commonly may start to cause pain in our 50s, but some people are affected more than others. During the two trials, the most commonly reported side effects included headache, joint pain and nausea.

It is important to treat the swelling and inflammation in the ankle as soon as possible, so that the problem does not aggravate. At times, an individual may also suffer from a fracture in the ankle due to stress and tension, consequently resulting in swollen ankle.
Obesity and pregnancy are the two major factors resulting in peripheral edema, eventually resulting in swollen ankles.
With the help of using ankle wraps, exercising the ankles in a gentle way, eating nutritious foods and applying cold packs on the ankle, ankle swelling would be treated to a great extent. Based on the fact that it's illegal for humans in the US to do marijuana it is borderline abusive to give it to your dog.
Sunesara - General Physician, Mumbai - says, "Many people complain about severe joint pain during winter. In order to treat the swelling in ankle, it is first important to learn about the causes of ankle swelling.

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