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Dietary intervention plays an important role in controlling abnormal activities of the fungi and restoring the normal health of the skin.
All kinds of vegetables other than starchy ones such as potatoes, sweet potato, corn, beets, winter squash, parsnips, peas and beans can be added to the diet of people bothered by tinea versicolor. Daily intake of fermented cabbage, cucumber, garlic, pepper, radish and onion helps to heal tinea versicolor.
In addition to fermented vegetables, unsweetened yogurt and kefir are rich sources of probiotic bacteria. Although nuts are not directly associated with tinea versicolor, however, they might be contaminated with molds, which may aggravate the fungal infection.
Saccharomyces cerevisiae is a common yeast used when alcohol is prepared through fermentation. Then, apply this paste all over your body, especially in the areas where the skin patches or spots have appeared. Tea Tree Oil or melaleuca oil is extracted from the tea tree which is known botanically as Melaleuca Aternifolia. This oil should only be rubbed topically on the areas which have been infected by tinea versicolor. Another study has reported that this leaf extract can be used safely without any toxic or adverse side effects.
Aloe Vera gel can be extracted from the mucilaginous leaves of this herb and applied to the affected parts of your skin. You can soak the flowers and leaves of this herb in a jar filled with carrier oil such as almond or olive oil. Over the past seven years, my company has grown to be the #1 supplier of effective, safe antifungal products. Athlete's foot, jock itch, ringworm, nail fungus and many other fungal skin infections are caused by the same "dermatophyte" fungus. The "mycoparasite" Pythium oligandrum eats other, harmful skin fungi (link to detailed explanation).
Half an hour later, Pythium oligandrum has made a hole in the harmful fungus, its protoplasm seeps out and Pythium sucks it up and grows. You may be interested to know that I only used an initial dose (2 g) of the fungi on my feet--just made sure I did a good innoculation.
This "vampire fungus" is used externally and works very well against Athlete's foot, as can be read in the medical test results we summarized here. This "vampire fungus" literally sucks the "blood" out of other fungi, leaving only their dead, empty cell wall behind. Hello, I'm writing to let you know that, after over a year of suffering with foot itching, scaling, redness, swelling, cracks, etc., three dermatologists and two skin scrapings and an actual biopsy, all negative for fungus, the condition has just about totally cleared after three nights of the "fast" method using Pythium Oligandrum! You should send your data to Graham Rook in the UK, who has compiled studies from all over the globe on this groundbreaking topic!
The simple usage instructions can be found here: Pythium oligandrum treatment guidelines (PDF). You will receive the Pythium oligandrum spores in three zip-lock bags with two-gram amounts each. This quantity is more than sufficient to cure nail fungus on both feet with the "messy method".

Do not use antifungal creams or even soap right before or some days after treatment because they may affect the Pythium oligandrum. When stored in a cool, dark and dry place the spores remain viable for at least 3 years because they are desiccated and mixed with Silica gel powder.
THE US GOVERNMENT SAYS THAT THE ONLY METHOD OF CURING A DISEASE IS A MEDICAL DOCTOR PRESCRIBING A PHARMACEUTICAL DRUG. People suffering from tinea versicolor have light or dark colored patches on the shoulders and trunk. The anti-Candida or anti-yeast diet that works for other types of fungal infections can also help to prevent tinea versicolor. They meet the energy requirement of the body without causing abnormal increase in the sugar level in the blood.Too much sugar in the blood supplies nourishment to the fungi, stimulating fungal overgrowth. Fermented vegetables are dietary sources of probiotics.They help to maintain the normal microbial balance in the body, which may help to prevent fungal overgrowth on the skin.
You can even take supplements containing grapefruit seed extract to fight the fungal infection of the skin.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. This skin disease is characterized by the appearance of discolored patches of skin and spots as well as itching and peeling of the skin.
Therefore, alcohol should be drunk in limited proportion or even avoided if you are suffering from tinea versicolor. Baked goods should not be consumed or limited in the intake to ensure that the person recovers from the fungal infection and there is improvement in his or her condition. Tea Tree Oil contains potent antifungal properties and it is used in a variety of skin creams and ointments due to this reason.
Seal the lid of the jar tightly and allow this airtight jar to remain unopened for 2 to 3 days.
Gott: I have been plagued with an extensive tinea versicolor skin infection on my back and abdomen since I was a teenager. These agressive, hard-to-get-rid-of skin fungi eat Keratin, the substance that nails and the top layer of the skin (epidermis) are made of. Pythium is a fungus that only eats other fungi and dies of starvation when there are no other fungi to eat any more.
The fungal spores we offer here are mixed with silica powder by the factory that produces this product. It works against most pathogenic fungi, meaning it also works on fungal scalp rashes, fungal psoriasis and even fungally infected open wounds (successful human trials were done in its country of discovery, the Czech Republic). Eliminating table sugar and refined carbohydrates from your diet helps to reduce the energy source of fungi.
Research has demonstrated that sugar fuels the growth of mold or fungi such as those that cause tinea versicolor. Use carrier oils such as avocado oil, olive oil or almond oil in order to get best results.
Calendula is used to treat several skin ailments and it is even used to make ointments and creams for healing the skin. These infections are called "Tinea" infections, such as Tinea pedis, Tinea interdigitalis, Tinea cruris, Tinea corporis, Tinea versicolor etc.

Read how this "clever mushroom", as the scientists who discovered it call it, was discovered by accident to get rid of a wide variety of harmful fungal skin infections and even helps with a host of other skin conditions, presumably due to useful enzymes produced by this friendly fungus, Pythium oligandrum.
The silica acts as a desiccant and prevents perspiration, keeping the skin dry so that the infection will subside quicker. If you suspect a fungal origin to a skin problem, Pythium may cure it without the slightest risk to your liver as with Diflucan.
As a nurse, I've been reading about the hygiene hypothesis, especially how we humans benefit from commensal organisms that support a sturdy and appropriate immune response. THE INFORMATION PRESENTED HERE HAS NOT BEEN APPROVED BY THE FDA AND IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. Overgrowth of fungi that normally live on the healthy skin is responsible for this skin disorder.Abnormal fungal growth is triggered by hot and humid weather condition, weakened immune system, hormonal changes, oiliness of the skin and excessive sweating. Regular bowel movements helps to eliminate the toxic wastes of the fungi from the body, thereby alleviating the adverse reactions of fungal overgrowth. The reason why alcohol should be avoided is because it is prepared through the process of fermentation. The rice and tomato juice paste is a natural exfoliant and it also removes dead cells and fungus from the skin’s surface. Longitudinal research studies have found Candle Bush leaf extract to be very effective in treating the symptoms of tinea versicolor such as skin discoloration, itching and peeling of the skin.
Polysaccharides and glycosides in Aloe Vera help to repair and heal the skin as well as relieve the itching caused by tinea versicolor. Calendula infused oil can be applied to the areas infected by tinea versicolor to alleviate this skin condition. The results treating even the most resistant cases of nail fungus (Onychomycosis) are good (photo diary).
This requires the use of yeasts and yeasts can lead to the intensification of fungal infections like tinea versicolor. This customer has severe hypothyroidism making his nail grow extremely slowly, and still Pythium cured his case - albeit slowly, also due to not adhering to the treatment guidelines. Pythium oligandrum is the mortal enemy of infectious skin fungi and fungi in general, and will achieve good results with many other fungal skin infections that are not mentioned here for lack of space.
You use it topically (externally) only, but if you would swallow it, nothing would happen, as with blue cheese. Live cultures do not survive freezing, but our dry spores do, just as they survive in frozen soil. Please note that we have independently established much better treatment protocols than those of these original trials, and we supply more spores than used in those trials as well.
The spores last many years when kept cool and dry, and only when there is moisture and a supply of "prey-fungus", the spores (fungal "seeds") will grow into Pythium fungi.

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