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The good news is that milia can be treated at home using an extracting tool.Extracting the keratin built up in milia is easy and not uncomfortable.
Repeat the poking and extracting process for every milia.Once the area is rid of the milia, wash it again to clear it of any leftover keratin. Skin cells regeneration will help you get rid of milia problem in the long run.Cleaning the milia affected area with hydroxy acid cleanser twice a day is a good practise.

However, people suffering from it use various methods to get rid of milia since it looks unseemly and occurs in visible places like cheeks, arms and even eyelids. This helps the skin get rid of dead skin cells and the dirt that accumulated on the skin’s surface. Hydroxy acid also helps in skin exfoliation encouraging faster skin cells regeneration thus keeping milia from forming.

Keep pressing the extracting tool around the milia until the entire white keratin built up is extracted.

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