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Filter: All types Articles Slideshows Videos Sort: Most relevant Most popular Most recent No articles available No slideshows available No videos available What causes small thick bumps on the scalp? If a person is suffering from ulcer then he or she should rinse the mouth regularly with ice cold water. Ulcers in the mouth are generally in the form of boils that are normally white in color and are very painful. Also, a person must use brushes with soft bristles, so that the gums are not hurt while brushing.
Mouth ulcer goes away completely only if a person is free from any kind of stress or frustrations.

Foods like whole wheat grains, potatoes, iron rich foods, milk and green veggies must be eaten. If the ulcer does not reduce in a week or two, then a person must immediately consult a doctor.
If your taste buds gets irritated or inflamed, a painful bump, or papillae, can form on your tongue. A fibroma, which is a bump formed of connective tissues, usually surfaces after the tongue has been traumatise (you accidentally bit your tongue).
It can, however, be removed and it may be in your best interest to opt for removal and subsequently have the tissue sent to a pathologist for testing just to make sure that it isn't anything serious.

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