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Hyperpigmentation upper lip dentist answers, &, tips, Treatment upper lip pigmentation? Fashion, style & personal care - information ehow, Knowing good outfit boost confidence, putting daunting. Here, the hair grows inward into the skin invading them and there are several methods of treatment available for curing razor bumps. You should understand first that the process of shaving cuts the hair bluntly from your skin.
You can apply hydrocortisone cream after shaving which will reduce inflammation and irritation caused by redness and scarring.
Irritating razor bumps can also be treated by glycolic lotion obtained over the counter in any drugstore. Number of products is available at the store for treating razor bumps and redness caused by inflammation of the skin.
Do not apply pressure but press gently on the skin with the blade to remove excess of hair. You need to prepare the skin prior to shaving so that shaving becomes less painful and pressure-free.
You can also disinfect the area using a good product that contains fatty alcohol to give astringent benefits for killing the bacteria causing inflammation.
Some people prefer to remove the hair follicles permanently using laser treatment but this may cause discoloration and even scarring.

Most of the time, red bumps underneath your tongue or anywhere in your mouth have probably been caused by irritation.
Should the red bumps under your tongue get worse, last longer than a couple of weeks, bleed or get so painful that you can't eat, see your doctor for a thorough diagnosis to determine the exact cause. It is marked by the presence of small bumps or lesions on the skin which develop after shaving the skin. For some people there may be swelling and inflammation apart from the presence of red scar. African Americans are at risk of having razor bumps when compared to people living in other regions. Some people use sugar scrubs for exfoliating the skin which leaves a silky shine on the surface. She has worked as a writer since 2004, with work appearing in online and print publications such as BabyZone, "Cat Fancy" and "ePregnancy." She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English literature from California State University, Long Beach. At the very least, they are the result of eating too many acidic or sugary foods and at the most they could be a sign of disease.
If you've recently eaten something very sugary, salty or acidic, bumps may form in the mouth, says This occurs when extra bone forms in the lower jaw and presses into the tender underside of the tongue. These bumps tend to appear one at a time and are usually the result of a virus, says the University of Maryland Medical Center, though mouth injuries, food allergies and stress may also be to blame. Normally razor bumps can get cured by home remedies but if you have severe scarring then you need to take antibiotic cream.

The bumps are nothing but tiny lesions resembling a scar on the place in which hair is removed abruptly.
Actually, the swelling of skin and scarring is the result of body’s defense mechanism to protect the affected skin.
Hence you should not apply pressure while shaving; instead use gentle strokes for removing the hair. Try shaving your skin after a warm shower which leaves your skin soft keeping the pores wide open.
Try using the paste of aspirin pill for fighting inflammation which is beneficial in applying on bikini line or face. The red bump will likely have a yellow or white center, be very painful and take several weeks to go away. To relieve the pain from these bumps, you can also use an over-the-counter oral pain relief gel to soothe inflammation, suggests
These bumps may take a while to heal, says, because of the constant irritation incurred through eating.
To assess your need for treatment, it's important to first understand the cause of your red tongue bumps.

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