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If the idea of losing weight by having a patch sewn on your tongue seems hard to swallow, well, that's the point. The tongue patch is a new cosmetic surgery technique that can allegedly help people lose up to 30 pounds in a month via a postage-stamp-size patch on the tongue.
The material used in the patch is marlex, an abrasive material usually used to repair hernias, and it is secured to the top of the tongue by six stitches. Side effects include difficulties in speaking and a tendency to wake suddenly from sleep, Time reported. There are many critics to the tongue patch, and they include California cosmetic surgeons lDr.
Lip piercing is a form of body piercing in which the lip, or the area surrounding it is pierced.
Lip piercing infection is a common problem faced by most of the people after they get their lip pierced. From the time you have seen that really cool lip piercing adorned by a model in the magazine, you have been wanting to get something similar done. The following article tells you about the procedure, aftercare, merits, and demerits of vertical labret piercing.
Side lip piercing is performed either on the left or right side of the upper and lower lips. Those who get their lips pierced often use barbells, labret studs, or a captive bead ring as a lip piercing jewelry. Gaining knowledge about labret piercing is crucial, before undergoing the procedure directly.
Have you ever wanted to get a real lip piercing but chickened out seeing that they put a needle through the lip? Tongue piercing is a type of body piercing, which has become very popular among teenage girls and boys.
There are several kinds of tongue rings and barbells available in the market, and you should decide to buy such a ring which will be comfortable and not very harmful to your tongue and teeth. Nikolas Chugay, a Beverly Hills-based cosmetic surgeon, who said all patients are given an easy-to-follow liquid diet that fullfills all nutritional needs while minimizing caloric intake.
Taking appropriate care is very essential, and if infected, one should get it treated to avoid further complications.
If you are thinking of getting such piercing or have just got one, it is imperative that you should follow the appropriate piercing care to avoid infection. There are different types of lip piercings that are becoming popular day by day among both guys and girls.
You need to be absolutely sure of certain things if you have decided to get your lip pierced.
A new addition is the dahlia piercing, where the horizontal bar of the lower lip is pierced and adorned with jewelry.
This write-up provides information on the different types of piercings above the upper lip.
A barbell consists of a straight bar at the middle portion and two small balls or beads at both the ends of the bar.

Studs are internally threaded jewelries and they are perfect for a person undergoing tongue piercing for first time. Rings are secured with ball or other types of beads at both ends and are available in various sizes. These are available in various types of materials like gold, acrylic, etc., and these are also available in a variety of gauge sizes and colors. The gauge size of the barbell is not very large, but the vibration is strong enough to feel sensations on your tongue. If you want to hide your tongue piercing in your office, then you can use a tongue retainer. They are often white or red in appearance (at times black or yellow) depending on the cause. This process of penetration or piercing, might result in an infection and may take weeks to heal.
And this article will help you know about the various types, sizes and materials of tongue rings available in the market. Ball, cone and triangle shaped barbells may be more attractive, but they may harm your teeth. With high quality engineering, vibrating barbells are safe for tongues, and the battery lasts for 60 minutes. Apart from that, tongue retainers are also used during operations and x-rays whenmetal tongue rings are not allowed. These pimples (zits, acne) can affect your under tongue, tip of tongue, side, back or your whole tongue. There are various kinds of barbell jewelries, like circular barbell, curved barbell, straight barbell, externally threaded barbell, internally threaded barbell and ball closer barbells. So, if you want to avoid playing with your tongue jewelry, then a stud is the best thing for you. Furthermore, they could be small (little or tiny) or bigger in size, painful (sore and hurts) or painless. You can choose various types of beads for your barbell like discs, triangles, cubes, cylinders and cones.
And apart from that, studs are very comfortable to wear, and they are available in various sizes and designs. And rings are also not recommended for a person, undergoing tongue piercing for the first time. Although this acne problem is not life threatening (unless caused by a life threatening condition), it could be bothersome and irritating especially if the pimples swell and become sore (painful or hurt a lot).
Red pimples on tongueDepending on the cause, these tongue zits or pimples vary in sizes i.e. The next obvious question you will want addressed is what causes pimples on tongue or why do you have tongue pimples.
Some of the common causes include the following:Injuries and traumaTongue biting, eating hard and rough food (such as chips, pretzels, nachos), piercings jewelry or dental appliances can irritate or bruise your tongue and cause painful or sore pimple like bumps or swellings especially on the side as well as the tip of the tongue. These pimples could appear white when they begins to heal.AllergiesAllergic reactions to various allergens including food, medications, mouth care, and lip care products (such as balms, glosses and lips sticks) can cause pimple on your tongue as the body’s immunity system tries to get rid of the allergens form your tongue.

Canker sores are caused by stress, food allergies, mineral and vitamins deficiency, immunity issues, mouth injuries, hormonal changes, or viral infections.Oral thrushOral thrush or oral candidiasis is a fungal infection can often cause white pimples in your mouth and tongue (tip of tongue, side or even back of your tongue). Sometimes, oral thrush could cause red pimples on tongue if it causes tastebuds inflammation.Viral infections and STDsViral infection such as flu and cold sore or oral herpes (oral herpes is an oral STD) can form blisters and white pimple like bumps on your tongue, and other parts of the mouth and lips.
Pimples from oral herpes tend to ooze clear liquid that is pus-like and they may come with other flu like symptoms.Oral cancerIf you suffer from stubborn swollen sores in your mouth including your tongue that doesn’t seem to go away, it could cancerous.
It also causes fever, swollen lymph nodes, palm redness, feet sole redness, bloodshot eyes, joint pain and cracked lips.Scarlet feverScarlet fever is an infectious disease that affects mainly children that has symptoms that include a sore throat, red rash (on body including the tongue) and fever.
These zits or pimples on the bottom of your tongue could be painful (hurt) or not painful depending on their cause. They could be big or small and commonly white or red located anywhere including right on your vein. Do not pop them!Yellow pimple on tongueIf you have small yellowish looking painful pimple on your mouth, lips or tongue, it could be from cold sores or oral herpes. It is considered as an STD that causes blisters which is often red but on drying, it turns to a yellowish crust. It could also be on the right or left side.White pimple on tongue, mouth and lips White pimples on tongueIt is possible to have white pimples on tongue which could be located at any part of the tongue including upper surface, the side of your tongue, on the tip of your tongue, under your tongue (bottom of tongue) as well as the back of your tongue. They are caused by most of the causes that generally causes tongue pimpled including transient lingual papillitis, cold sores, canker sores, etc.Pimples on back of tonguePimple on the back of tongue can be caused by allergies, trauma, canker sores, Kawasaki disease, oral thrush, leukoplakia, scarlet fever, among others. If you have blisters, oral herpes is known to cause blisters and pimples on back side of tongue.How to get rid of pimple on tongue fast, remedies, treatments and curesThe specific treatments or cure for tongue pimple will depend on what causes it. If it is by an antibacterial infection, you could get a prescription of the right antibiotics to treat this problem. Similarly, pimples caused by viral infections might require antiviral drugs not to treat but to relieve the symptoms. Finally, those caused by fungal infection such as oral thrush will require antifungal medication (especially oral suspension such as nystatin).To help treat, reduce, prevent or soothe pimples on tongue, there are a number of recommended home remedies and general mouth and tongue care tips that can be of much help. These remedies include:Avoid foods that cause allergies or irritate your taste buds including spicy, hot and salty foods since they will make the condition worse. Acid and carbonated foods should be avoided since they will irritate the bumps.Keep proper oral hygiene with includes brushing your tongue gently twice a day using a good antibacterial mouth wash.
You can try dental gels but avoid mouth washes that contain alcohol.To get rid of tongue pimples fast, gargle saline or salty water for 2-3 minutes twice a day. Salty water can also treat minor mouth infections and prevent new infections as well as infection spread. Vitamin B and C supplements will also be helpful in dealing with pimples in your mouth and other body parts. Need quick reliefReply vladmirme Feb 1, 2016 at 7:34 amA pimple will take time to heal completely.

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