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The golden rule is to periodically scan your computer with an up to date antivirus which theoretically will get rid of any trojan virus but always will work this method ? There are three zones where a virus trojan can be unveiled: the running processes, the autostart items and the network connections . In contradiction with this behaviour, the legitimate Opera process open a lot more threads,  in my tests nine threads all active–no suspended threads. All these may to look a bit complicated but Process Hacker is a very friendly program and after playing a little with it, you will learn everything about it. A reverse connection very often used by the common virus trojans, is a connection where the trojan virus will open a port on the infected computer and will send a SYN packet to an IP or domain embedded by the attacker in the trojan body at the creation time. It is like the trojan open the door from within the infected computer and invites the attacker inside.
In the Network tab of the Process Hacker, can be seen how the trojan virus send once at each 20 seconds the SYN packet, looking for a connection to the attacker’s PC.
We can see in the above image, the Active X autostart used for a trojan virus located in system32 folder with the name tcpsys.exe. It’s recommended to be used Unlocker program, it can unlock and delete files or will delete them at the first computer restart if the files can not be unlocked, this way will be avoided deleting errors.
The method exposed here to get rid of a trojan virus works for the most common trojan viruses as : Bifrost, Poison Ivy, SpyNet, CyberGate and others aswell. I found these products as the most effective at getting rid of a trojan virus, other antivirus or antimalware solutions can perform well also, but it’s not recommended to test on yourself all the new security products on the market if you are serious about your computer security, take the time and read carefully the reviews before to purchase any of them. The most effective way to remove this harmful virus is to delete its files and keys manually. System Smart Security virus is coming after PC Security Guardian, Best Malware Protection and other malwares from the same family.
System Smart Security virusSystem Smart Security, just like many other viruses, is known to attack computers a lot.
You need to disregard any information presented by System Smart Security virus, cause whatever it tells you, including system scan reports originated by it, popups and ads are all fake and should not be trusted. We provide one-on-one technical support, extended online documentation, security advisories, and tools for resolving technical issues to ensure customers have maximum protection. Let’s suppose we have a  reputed antivirus, an antispyware as a complementary security tool and a firewall installed in the PC, we keep the system and these programs always up-to date.

An antivirus can not alert us in the case of an infection with an unknown or very new trojan virus, therefore it’s not recommended to rely only on protection provided by the antivirus software, it is a good idea to use other methods of detection from time to time, but which are these alternative methods ? The truth is, since a virus trojan run at the level of a computer administrator, the infected computer behaviour is determined by the attacker, so it’s very hard to enumerate specific symptoms of a trojan virus infection. I have used a well known trojan virus(in fact is a Remote Administration Tool, how the author like to name it, it’s publicly available on the Internet)  to infect my own computer and to perform some tests.
More important, the window information tab is grey that’s mean deactivated, the informations about a window associated with the process are missing. Also the attacker can choose in which directory the trojan will be dropped: system32, temporary(temp) directory, Application Data, AppData, Roaming and so on. Hackers use very often executables crypters to bypass the signature based antivirus detection and the trojan will be decrypted in the RAM memory, where the antiviruses are not so effective. This IP or domain is where the attacker listen for victim’s SYN packets and once they are received, he will respond to them establishing a connection, but as you can see the connection is initiated by the trojan virus or a firewall will block by default the inbound traffic, not the outbound one. Because the door was opened from inside, the firewall will not consider the attacker as a thief and will not block him. If the trojan Command and Control server installed in the hacker PC will respond to these messages, then the connection state will be changed to Established.
It’s just the name that has been changed, whereas the inner part of System Smart Security virus remained without alterations.
Download the latest version of GridinSoft Trojan Killer to clear (not infected) computer and install it. Move memory stick to infected PC, open “GridinSoft Trojan Killer” folder and run iexplore.exe.
Tags: System Smart Security delete, System Smart Security infected, System Smart Security remove, System Smart Security rogue, System Smart Security scam, System Smart Security serial, System Smart Security uninstall. Despite all of our efforts to stay away from troubles, we just get infected with a trojan virus. Even if the trojan virus is in an encrypted form on hard disk, it will be automatically decrypted in RAM memory.
It is true that you must be a bit skilled, to know at least what a process, a thread or what computer RAM memory is. This way, a public available virus trojan can have a million different signatures some of them undetectable.

Just like its predecessors, System Smart Security virus was elaborated in order to attack the compromised machines and to commence its scary performance inside of it.
Its penetration takes place due to persistence of many Trojans that contain malicious codes of System Smart Security virus. It is quite logical that you should stay away from purchasing System Smart Security malware, because it will not bring you any decent help. If the trojan is very new and carefully crypted, an antivirus will not recognize it, even heuristically. As long as this second key sit there in the registry, the trojan will not start at boot time, but the trojan is clever enough to delete this second key each time he’s running, assuring its autostart at next boot. So, if you are not sure whether you have deleted all malicious files and keys, you should seek help from our online PC experts. When installed and activated, the infection will keeps changing the name of its code or the file folder containing code to evade the complete auto detection by antivirus. It is a mandatory requirement for you to be very careful with what sites you visit, what links you click and what stuff from the Internet you tend to download.
Auto removal by antivirus may not be able to clean up all its malevolent files, code and registry files; and the virus will certainly be activated up on every Windows boot.
Once gain, be very careful to prevent your PC from System Smart Security malware infiltration.
Protect your system against System Smart Security and get rid of it using some decent anti-virus application.
Anyway, if your computer has already been attacked with System Smart Security virus then you should immediately take all the necessary steps in order to remove System Smart Security pest from your computer.
Alternatively, you may remove System Smart Security virus by deleting its malicious files and registry entries. It may lead to the installation of bogus security tools, decryption files and other unclear subjects. All in all, the malicious virus is able to cause troubles to your computer and your private information.

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