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The problem basically occurs when the tissues of the body trap in excess fluid than what is normally required. Skin burns with symptoms of skin peeling, skin blistering, and reddening skin may result in edema. If you only use this for canker sores, it will last you a very long time, years in fact.  I believe the cost was less than $10.
If these are a chronic issue for you, you most likely have a SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) sensitivity. Knight Ridder Newspapers Anybody who's ever had a canker sore may well have wondered: How can such a little thing cause so much pain?
Younger children often get mouth ulcers as part of a viral infection, like herpes gingivostomatitis or hand foot and mouth disease. People usually have their first encounter with that horrible little mouth ulcer known as the canker sore between the ages of 10 and 20. Edema can occur in various body areas like legs, feet, ankles, arms, and hands. When there is excessive fluid accumulation in the legs, the problem is termed as leg edema.

People who drink alcohol on regular basis are at the risk of being affected by leg edema at some point of time in life. Overweight people are at the higher risk of being affected by excessive accumulation of fluid in the legs than people who are in good health. It is a serious health disorder in which the heart stops functioning in an appropriate manner due to insufficient supply of blood. The increasing weight of the women during pregnancy is the major factor responsible for excessive accumulation of fluid in the legs.
A person standing continuously for a number of hours may have fluid build-up in the legs, subsequently resulting in leg edema.
People who do not take proper care of their diet, and have extremely less body weight are at the risk of being affected by leg edema. With the help of eliminating the causes of leg edema, the problem can be prevented to a great extent. Before discussing about the causes of leg edema, we shall first discuss what does edema and leg edema mean. There are various causes of leg edema, which are broadly classified into common causes and uncommon causes.

Excessive build up of fluid occurs at times in case of heart patients, thus leading to edema. It is important for an individual to follow a healthy diet plan so that the body remains in good shape. Both excessive body weight and less body weight can pose problems. It has been so difficult & frustrating to get no guidance from Doctors or dentists in treating the darn things! Further, most importantly, bad lifestyle habits of smoking and alcohol consumption should be eliminated from life to prevent edema.
I recently tried the raw organic cider vinegar & it seems to somewhat reduce symptoms.

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