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Note: There can be different reasons why the image thumbnails are not being displayed - the image format might not understood by Yahoo, the file extension may be incorrect, or there may be trouble in loading. However, if the email messages has tons of image attachments I suggest you use the "Download All" link with which all images will be download and saved on your computer. The third way to download images and photos from Yahoo email messages is to click on the download link in the Yahoo slideshow. All email attachments including photos will be first scanned by Norton Anti-virus on Yahoo servers and only then transferred to your computer.
The other day, someone from my class asked whether photo email attachments can be delete while preserving the rest of the message. During the last week of September, I was tasked with finding the best deals for solid state drives (SSD) to upgrade some laptops. You shall also learn how to download these photos to your computer and save a copy on your system.

To open the email, simply click on it and it will be displayed in full glory in the large text box. And when the email message has multiple images attached, you can view them one by one in this slideshow.
The first is selective downloading wherein you choose the images by placing a checkmark and then click on "Download Selected". This is tedious especially when the message has tens of attachments, but has two advantages - firstly, it lets you download only the photos you want and, secondly, the images are saved in their original file format and not as compressed zips. Also, the photo attachments will not be deleted from your email account unless you get rid of the email message.
I found some reviews for first-hand reports, and then found the most reputable vendor with a decent priced deal.
And finally, I will be telling you how to delete these email attachments so that you can keep the text contents of the email.

Please note, photos (even if it's just one) downloaded from Yahoo Mail, are first compressed using the popular zip format and only then transferred to your computer. Unfortunately, there is no direct option in Yahoo mail to delete photos or other attachments from the email message.
The zip file will be stored in the default Downloads directory of the web browser you are using.

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