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In, the viruses are those green ‘spikey’ blobs that can cause blobs larger than them to explode into many smaller parts if they touch them.
I told you how to create your own skin, a few tips to get it approved and the list with all available skins. I tried EVERYTHING from countless anti-virus programs to a complete reformat to try and save my computer, but it was no use.
My computer wasn’t running at all so I had it repaired by TotalTech and it is running better than ever.

They were very timely and I got my computer back within the same day I gave it to them to repair. This was the best service I have ever had with my computer and I will go back if I ever have problems again.MelissaThey fixed it!!
Ive already referred them to several people and im happy to do so.JoeyAbove and beyond I had a repair done here recently. Apparently there was more to it than they thought they needed to do some work on my motherboard.

They said because their initial diagnostic was wrong that they would to the new work for free!!
The only thing i didnt really like was the fact that they had to take my computer to their office to fix it.

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