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Toshiba Laptop Checkup addresses a small group of users that own a certain set of Toshiba notebooks and also want to perform various checks for issues that may be decelerating the equipment, data, photos and music files that need backup as well as viruses, spyware, malware and other threats.
This particular piece of software scans your Toshiba laptop for all of these and at the end of the process, displays the general report for protection, performance as well as detected virus and spyware.
The bottom line with Toshiba Laptop Checkup is that it can prove to be of little use to advanced users as they can take care of their own IT equipment without some software to recommend them various steps to take in order for their computer to be in tip-top shape.

If no active security software is recognized, then Toshiba Laptop Checkup recommend the Norton antivirus solution as a partnership or some sort and also advertises its features, such as stop and remove viruses with industry-standard security, block online identity theft or make web browsing safer.
Other than that, Toshiba Laptop Checkup is pretty good for some beginners that just start to enter the IT domain.

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