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Warts are caused by a very common form of virus that attacks us humans – human papilloma virus or HPV. HPV virus has several forms, or strains, which are responsible for different types of warts. Warts are contagious so if you have them, please take care not to pass them on people around you or on your sexual partner. The best way to protect yourself from HPV virus is to fortify your immune system so that even if you do come in contact with the virus, you will not be infected.
Learn how to get rid of plantar warts fastPlantar HPV warts often form on sides or bottom of the feet.
Viruses causing warts are not very resistant so the immune system will easily fight them once it recognizes them. You will build strong immune system by consuming lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and by drinking lots of water.
Derived from the Camellia sinensis plant, green tea contains lots of antioxidants which strengthen immunity and fight against viruses such as the HPV.The main active principle in this tea is Polyphen E, a polyphenol which suppresses the growth of bacteria and other pathogens.
In most cases, this virus is completely benign, the exception are genital warts which can in some cases lead to cervical cancer.
Wart viruses are able to survive for long time because they live in the skin area and often pass undetected by the immune system. As a result, green tea can prevent warts from enlarging when applied topically, so if you’re trying to find out how to get rid of flat warts with natural remedies, green tea ointments can be a very effective solutions.Direct application of creams or ointments containing this ingredient on the skin was proven to be more efficient than oral intake.

Women between age 16 and 26 should receive Gardasil vaccine which can protect them against four different types of HPV, two of which are responsible for 75% cervical cancer cases. While this doesn’t mean you should eliminate green tea from your daily menu if you like the beverage, it’s good to know this tea is a mild diuretic and can increase blood pressure and stomach acidity, so it should be consumed moderately.Flat Warts Treatment – Vitamin AVitamin A is a powerful antioxidant known to help in the production of white blood cells and to protect the body from infections. Wait for the skin to dry or dry it with a soft cloth, then apply some drops of liquid or gel vitamin A on the affected area.To make the application easier, you can use a cotton-tipped applicator and just rub the skin with it to favor penetration. Vitamins A, E and C and Propolis will also help your immune system to stay strong and impenetrable. Another remedy is to soak wart in apple cider vinegar for twenty minutes (how to get rid of warts fast).
Through its dual action, this natural remedy reduces the risk for new warts to appear in people with recurrent outbreaks and minimizes the risk for this skin condition to be contracted from an infected individual, in case of healthy people.Cat’s Claw can be applied directly on the skin or used in oral form, both alternatives being equally effective.
However, make sure to avoid this plant if you’re pregnant or you plan to conceive as it is unsafe for both the mother and the baby during the gestation period.Eliminate Your Warts For Good.
Do not peel the scabs that heal over warts but let them fall on their own.Strange methods for healing HPV warts on hands that work wonders You can eliminate HPV warts on fingers quickly by using dandelions in your own backyard.
If your warts are on the feet, cover the affected skin with a medical tape or with adhesive bandages after applying the oil, to make sure the area is protected against dirt, moist and bacteria.Olive Leaves As Cure For Flat WartsOlive leaves were used as natural remedy against all types of infections in ancient Egypt due to their antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties.
Their ability of killing bacteria and viruses is what recommends these leaves in the management of warts, regardless of the skin region these bumps appear on.Extracts obtained from olive leaves are available in liquid form and as capsules, a daily dose of 250-500 mg being recommended for curing flat warts.
Alter your mindset to say that wart removal will definitely work and it is more likely to do so.

Flat HPV warts commonly grow on face although they do appear on the hands or neck sometimes. It is best to eat whole grains and make sure to eat your daily intake of fruit and vegetables. Sunflower seeds and sweet potatoes are excellent food choices when trying to erase HPV warts fast. Flat warts on the face or hands will not stand a chance if you eat these vitamin rich foods. Sleeping enough at night is also vital to a strong immune system as it allows the body to rest.
Laughter can also heal HPV warts rapidly as it releases the stress hormone adrenaline (good website for treating warts). Imagine your body is telling you a joke with flat HPV warts and laugh about how fast they will heal.There are endless home cure treatments for getting rid of warts so it is all about finding the right one. Wait a couple hours for the juice to draw out and then administer a couple times a day to the wart (how to remove warts from face).
There are plenty of remedy choices so be sure to attempt one for at least a week before changing to another.

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