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Bed bugs -- parasitic insects that bite humans to feed on their blood -- are not known to transmit disease but their bites can produce itchy red skin welts, allergic symptoms and other skin rashes. According to Amerson, bed bug welts can be distinguished from other skin conditions because they appear in groups of three or four.
For people with HIV or other people with compromised immune systems, skin reactions to bed bug bites can get inflamed -- even growing to "huge, fluid-filled blisters," Amerson explained.
Bed bugs are causing major problems throughout the United States with even the biggest and best hotels falling victim to outbreaks. Whilst bed bugs are not thought to spread disease they have been deemed by the Environmental Protection Agency, the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention and also the U.S. These nocturnal vampires feed on human blood (although they will prey on domestic pets.) The anticoagulant which they inject to allow the blood to flow more freely as they feed often triggers an allergic reaction resulting in red, itchy welts on the skin.

There are many ways in which bed bugs can get into your home but bringing them home from a trip away is still one of the biggest causes. If you suspect the room you have been allocated may have bed bugs request another room preferably at the opposite side of the hotel and once again follow the check list before you even consider unpacking.
Remember:- Vigilance is our only real defense against bed bug infestations getting into our homes.
Many of her HIV patients at San Francisco General Hospital live in densely populated areas of the city and in large apartment complexes.
These will cause discomfort for a few days but bacterial skin infections are possible if the skin becomes broken because of scratching. Methodically check everything for signs of bed bugs – remember to include purses, laptops, suitcases etc.

Essentially if you are travelling this summer you should thoroughly check your accommodation on arrival and your luggage on your return to eliminate bed bugs before they get into your home.
If you discover white powder inside any of the furniture or around the edges of the room it is a sure sign that there may have been a recent attempt to eliminate bed bugs.

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