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5 simple ways rid pimples - lifehack, Quick ways to get rid of pimples while getting pimples is a normal, everyday skin condition that affects all of us at one time or another, having them is painful.
How rid annoying zits scalp, It' nice scalp zits hidden ( opposed facial variety), painful type pimple ( brush, ugh. Having to deal with acne on your face is one thing, but pimples on your butt is another problem altogether.
Cleanse your butt daily in the shower with a cleanser that contains at least two percent benzoyl peroxide. Wear loose-fitting clothing, and choose breathable underwear made from natural fibers like cotton.

It can be a painfully embarrassing problem to have, especially when in a revealing swimsuit or during a romantic night with a significant other. This will help to dry up any excess oil that may be on your butt, as well as keep the area free from dirt and sweat. Benzoyl peroxide can bleach your clothes, or the ointment can be rubbed off by your clothes before it has a chance to properly treat the acne on your bottom. Sweat can get trapped on your butt, making it a perfect breeding ground for the oil and bacteria that cause butt acne. Not only could it cause unsightly scarring, but the germs and bacteria from your fingers can spread, causing even more butt pimples.

You can get rid of butt pimples by treating your bottom as you would acne on any other part of your body. Use a cream with exfoliating beads in it, or try regular soap applied with a loofah for the best results.
This will help treat the butt pimples you already have and help to combat against new ones forming.

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