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I know that my words are not just as powerful as those who write well but but believe me guys! Apocrine glands are sweat gland that usually found in axillary (underarm), and genital areas of the body. Apocrine glands begin to function in puberty age in both sexes but usually in males because of the influence of androgens (a male sex hormone) although both sexes have this hormone in male the level of androgen is high compared to female is low. When you take a bath get a clean towel or scrubber to scrub you body especially in your underarm and your groin and genitals…. Do not use dedorants that are high in perfume because as you notice you smells like deodorant and meanwhile became foul. Do not use deodorant that has a high level of alcohol if you dont want to have black underarm.. While deodorant with high level of perfume and alcohol can cause you underarm to irritate that will lead to allergic reactions..
Do not wash your clothes if the sun is not their especially in rainy days because the insect will nest in wet area of you clothes especially mosquitos, and the insect is dirty and full of bacteria that will transfer to your clothes. Again after daily activities before going to sleep take bath to stop the spreading of bacteria in you bed cloth…. Hi, I have a rare situation because when I get nervous or anxious I sweat through my scalp opposed to armpits. LEMON JUICE AS DEODORANT (BEST DEODORANT RECIPE EVER): two parts water-one part reconstituted lemon juice-together in a small squeeze bottle. No matter how i bath my body smell,i use anti bacteria soap Doeudrant but few mins after bath it comes again. Thanks so much, on behalf of the general public, because everybody has body odour to lesser or greater degree, for taking the trouble to put it all down so clearly and in small detail. You may be helping a lot of people practically and equally, psychologically, to know that they are not alone and need not live like hermits, as one commentator has written, and that it is just a human condition for which humans themselves have to find solution to. However i noticed I thing that has not changed… I used to work for a company that made us wear all black years ago. As much as I wanted to diet, TMAU diet requires rice and certain vegetables that are low in choline.

Royalty-free clipart of a caucasian man spray deodorant under his arms to prevent body odor. Imagine a deodorant that is free of aluminum and other harsh Chemicals, yet still eliminates offensive foot odors and body odor (underarm odor) by controlling the odor causing bacteria!
After years of foot sprays & powders failing to get rid of my foot odor, I was shocked that after one application of your product, my foot odor disappeared! Those who suffer from bad body odor may have tried just about every deodorant and antiperspirant out there.
Are iPhones, iPads, laptops and other mobile devices seriously increasing your risk of cancer and other potential health problems? Take an appropriate amount into parts so far tend to sweat, such as armpit and foot odor bothers, please apply.
I have I suffered from bromhidrosis, or excessive body odor, for a while, and believe me, it is the WORST thing you may ever experience and some said it is forever if you have it….What?? If you think something bad you are getting nervous; your body shakes and your temperature becomes high that will lead to excessive sweating. The secretion of apocrine gland is ODORLESS, but when the bacteria in the surface of the skin use the proteins and fats as source of nutrients for their growth, it develops a musky unpleasant odor. Since there is no Deodorant for the scalp, it kinda sucks because there’s no way of masking the smell. I tried using Drysol on my scalp and that just caused pimples…do you have any suggestions or tips?
It has improved alot over the years because i have done alot of detoxing and i changed my diet. Less sugary foods, less protein-based food (meat, eggs, milk), less junk foods, more water (as in I force myself to really drink more water than juice now). But when bacteria combines with sweat and breaks down into acids, a stinky situation can occur. But they may be unaware that besides over-the-counter products, many natural remedies are available to cure body stench. I shower twice, sometimes three times a day depends on how much sweat my body produce in one day.

Have you heard of TMAU (trimethylaminuria), a metabolic disorder wherein your body cannot break down the trimethylamine.
With an effective tracking system and insurance program, EMS is able to offer a secure delivery worldwide. It’ll be carried out of your body through sweat, urine, or other bodily fluids, thus, causing body odor which mostly can be in our breath, underarms, feet, but can also be present in other parts. You can track your package with the tracking code provided and it will be delivered within a week. SWITCH TO THE ALL NATURAL HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE FOOT POWDER TODAY!BUY IN BULK AND SAVE, SEE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW. The bad side of the scruby pad technique is it cause swelling of the pits for a couple of days, but it did last about a week. One minute I will feel cool, the next minute I feel my body temperature rising and receive strange looks from people because of the strong smell. So if you have body odor, try nyo searching activated charcoal, there are soaps being sold. My mother found a deodorant that not only whitens my underarm but it reduces the smell as well.
I’ve been using different clinically proven underarm protection which not only darkens my underam but it also make my underarm itchy and stinky. I eat anything with fiber in the morning, heavy foods but less oily food at lunch and light foods at dinner time (salad for example).
True friends understands your condition and they will stand by your side no matter what happens.

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