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How to reduce swelling of sprained foot exercises,homeopathic treatment for uti during pregnancy yoga,natural treatment for yeast infection apple cider vinegar kill - Reviews

Use Prolotex™ RELAXED FIT Far Infrared Socks to increase circulation and speed up healing of the torn ligaments. RICE is an acronym that can help you remember the home remedies you can use to treat your ankle sprain: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. Wearing shoes that fit appropriately; it's recommended that you change your athletic shoes annually and change your running shoes every 300-400 miles--the NOPA team can help you decide which shoe is best for you!

For more information on ankle sprain treatment, call New Orleans Podiatry Associates in New Orleans, LA, at (504) 897-3627. Reach out today and receive a personal, quick, detailed, and confidential response to your question or comment within 24 hours. Ask us about fungal nail therapy, heel pain treatment options, diabetic wound care, or any other concern you have about your feet.

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