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Here at DoaneMotorWerks we carefully remove your existing wood from your fine automobile and have it refinished to a high standard and carefully re install it to perfection. 4 ) These are some veneer samples we were studying when trying to decide on the wood restoration on the 1953 300 S coupe. 5 ) A look at the finished product once all the wood is re installed, the curtains re dyed and installed, the hat shelf material replaced and the windows lightly tinted for the Miami sun. Many cars (including my own) have tired worn out seat cushions, sagging springs and dried out cracked leather. We've had a Cadillac Escalade that comes in for service, and there is a spring that pokes you right straight in the back. The flip side of that is we can take the seats and totally rebuild them and replace the leather with new, matching your existing color and texture. You can either send us the individual part and have it repaired, or send us the whole project to be completely restored. There are two key ingredients to achieve paint correction, the right product and the knowledge and technique of a trained professional. These premium products are very hydrophobic and will last well over one year with regular maintenance. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. There are often times where the customer wants the wood re veneered resulting in a change in grain, color and overall appearance.
This wood was re veneered in a Burled Walnut which is period correct and was an available option at the time.
And other cars that the seat bottoms are so worn, it feels like you are literally sitting on the floor. Sometimes its just the side bolsters that are worn and need to be patched is not a problem.

We just took a center console armrest off a Toyota, which was cut from client's kid's baseball cleat, and replaced the leather with new.
We respect the fact that everyone has different opinions, tastes and budgets and we work within those boundaries to make you happy with the final product. Again, the steel floor was sanded, cleaned, primed and painted before we installed this material under the rubber mat. We cleaned, sanded, primed and painted the floor prior to installing this 70mm sound dampening material. These imperfections include water spots, etching from bird droppings, scratches, swirl marks, hologramming from inexperienced detailers, run lines, oxidation, orange peel, paint overspray and most surface damage.
At Auto Salon at Leschi we use Meguiar’s and Menzerna polishing compounds exclusively. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Many people, like myself, like a seat with original leather as long as it’s not all split apart and totally uncomfortable.
We can take that seat and rebuild the springs, add new pads and replace the upholstery if you so desire.
These fine quality compounds contain unique non – diminishing and diminishing aluminum oxide clustered abrasives that work to eliminate defects in your paints finish without being to abrasive. Each piece is coded, digitally photographed and repaired as necessary prior to being refinished and re installed. Or you can do like I did and rebuild the seat itself, have the leather repaired or sometimes even patched, and keep that original leather that we all so admire. Sometimes the carpet appears to be in good shape, but the padding under is rotted, holding moisture causing rust and odor. Low quality polishing compounds containing filling agents and finishing glazes contribute to the degradation of your paints finish.

Here are just a few examples of what we do and the pride we take in the restoration process. Low quality products may temporarily give the appearance of a corrected paint finish, but the imperfections will reveal themselves after a few washes. Scratches and heavy swirl marks are eliminated, not hidden since there are no fillers in this formula. Our highly skilled technicians analyze your vehicles exterior and take the necessary steps to correct your paint the first time.
Our paint correction process can involve several hours to a few days of polishing depending on the severity of the damage and also if your paint is hard or soft. We offer two introductory types of protection products, synthetic polymer based paint sealants and natural carnauba waxes. We recommend that prior to refinishing your wood you research what was offered at the time from the factory and keep it period correct.
While synthetic polymer paint sealants will last longer (about 4 to 6 months) the natural carnauba waxes are known for providing more depth and shine but typically last for only several weeks. We also have the ability to maintain a perfect finish on your vehicles paintwork all year round with our scratch and swirl free wash process. If refinishing your wood in your high end Mercedes, Rolls Royce or other fine car is on your list, keep us in mind. We also offer even more durable paint protection products that are developed using super advanced Nanotechnology.

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