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The question how to Remove the Recycler Folder on Your Flash Drive has been asked 468 times by our users.
Related How To QuestionsHow to restore or delete files from a flash drive's hidden "trash" folder? I seem to have gotten my USB infected with some sort of virus, which has now infected a couple of my machines!!! I have also tried formatting it, but they just re-appear the same, meaning this has to be something to do with the pc. The INF file just points to a file within the recycler folder, but i have checked, that there is no process with the same name.

Sometimes, viruses have defense mechanisms that prevent them from being detected, and if you're lucky, those mechanisms don't work in safe mode. If you still pick up nothing, try a couple of other free scanners (there's avira, avast, etc).
As soon as I plugged my drive into my home computer MSE picked it up and deleted it no questions asked.
The only time a regular usb stick gets inserted into someones machine is via a bartpe environment or after a clean install has been performed. If you still can't pick it up and get rid of it, then it's got some very deep hooks in your system, and you should probably just reinstall.

Especially if it is running Windows XP (I'll be that guy here and take a jab at XP's ability to fall victim to pretty much all malware out there). Other wise USB hard drives or USB memory sticks NEVER get plugged into a persons computer unless they are write protected.

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