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Leather is natural and reacts to the elements, if leather is left in the sun or in a hot car for long periods of time shrinkage may occur.
These hats are made from water-resistant leather and therefore can withstand greater amount of climatic conditions (rain & sun).
There is nothing more gross than pulling out your favorite baseball cap and seeing a sweat stain, or your favorite shirt.
Simply pin, sew or stick dress shields into your shirt, blouse or dress and forget it — no one will know you’re wearing it, and no one will see you sweat! To remedy this, use saddle dressing on the inside of the hat, let stand for a few days then gently hand stretch back to size.

However, the hat should be hand treated on the outside with similar products you would treat saddles with example DUBBIN or a silicon based cleaning and polishing compound.
Use this method on a weekly basis depending on the amount you sweat and the heat of the day. Carry one in your purse to remove pet hair, dried food particles, dandruff, lint (from a white table cloth or napkin) and don’t leave home without one!

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