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Makeup fails are pretty bad and all, but there’s nothing worse than going about your day and making little life mistakes that make your mood shoot downhill REALLY quickly.
For example, imagine you’re running out the door to go to school, pop a piece of gum in your mouth, sneeze viscously, and all of a sudden that sticky, gooey wad somehow ends up in your hair. Everyone knows that peanut butter will help remove gum from your hair, but that gets super messy. Don’t throw your favorite jeans out if the zipper breaks — hook a key ring through the pull and connect it to the button to make sure that bad boy stays up!
Not only are broken nails painful, but they’re super annoying to deal with; no one wants 9 gorg long nails and one wimpy short one!

So…there’s not much you can do to actually fix a cracked iPhone, but you can make the most of a bad situation by coloring in the cracks with colored Sharpies to make an insanely cool design! And speaking of Sharpies, what do you do if you accidentally get a mark on something in your house?
Instead of embracing your pit sweat because you don’t want stains, use a dryer sheet to gently buff away the white marks. Rub some shaving cream onto the spot before you throw it in the laundry and it’ll be like it never happened.
Instead of having to accept defeat and cut that sucker, use a tea bag and some nail glue to make a patch that’ll fix up your break in no time.

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