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Bubba's Rowdy Friends Pet Supply Company BUBBAS, Super Strength Commercial Enzyme Cleaner-Pet Odor Eliminator. Features:BEST PROFESSIONAL GRADE CLEANING SOLUTION ON AMAZON-Not your grandma's home remedy for a household spot remover.
The Pet Cleaner Difference: Most pet carpet enzyme cleaner bacterial ingredients are active.
How rid cigarette smell - health guidance, Comment #1 (posted by tracey) rating i was googling how to get rid of the smell of smoke out of your hair and this site popped up but there isn't anything about that.
How freshen towels rid mildew, Well, don’ fret super duper easy freshen towels rid yuck!. DO YOU HAVE A PERSISTENT PET URINE ODOUR IN YOUR HOME THAT NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO YOU JUST CAN'T SEEM TO GET RID OF? HOW IT WORKSGranPaws Stain Seeker Ultraviolet Black Light works by detecting elements in your pets urine and illuminating them so the stain is visible to the human eye.
Living in the desert brings certain challenges when you decide to spend time outside, especially at night. Doggone Pet Products #1 Pet Odor Eliminator, Carpet Deodorizer & Room Air Freshener- GO-2-FRESH Neutralizers Dog & Cat Odors Faster Than Baking Soda - Neutralizers Odors Caused By Pet Vomit, Urine, Feces & Malodors.

Gallon Size Enzymatic Stain Remover-Remove Dog-Cat Urine Smell From Carpet, Rug Or Hardwood Floor And Other Surfaces. Scientifically formulated to be more potent than other cleaners for your flooring, upholstery, area rugs and carpets, yet safe around kids and pets.
Our specially formulated custom enzyme cleaner works on those tough stains and urine smells most carpet cleaners cant tackle.
Without food, these bacteria die rendering that bottle sitting in your cabinet ineffective.
You will be able to easily remove the source of the odour on your floors or carpet as our powerful flashlight will make dry stains glow.
Also recommended for trashcans, cigarette urns, ash trays, litter boxes and other waste related odors.a?“ EASY TO USE - Method 1. This commercial grade pet stain remover & odor eliminator is designed to attack these urine stains on contact and remove them. Our carpet cleaner keeps the bacteria dormant until coming in contact with a food source such as pet urine. Apply lightly after each vacuuming for long-lasting odor control, freshens the room for 5-7 days - Method 2.

I shined this light on a problem area and YUCK, stains stood out, almost as If they were glowing in the dark. I have learned that old stains like the ones we found in the house will always glow because like an old stain in clothes they are permanent. However our Chi had an accident and after spraying & cleaning the area with the enzymatic carpet shampoo I shined the light on the area and the stain was definitely out.
While it is super effective at removing pet odors it is 100% safe around all two and four leggered members of your family. The Stain Seeker can be used to detect stains on furniture, bookshelves, inside vents, clothing, cloth decorations and anywhere else you can think of!
Since we have dogs and occasionally puppy sit I keep the light handy to look for stains I may not have noticed right away.

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