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There's nothing worse than realizing your favorite white tee is now smudged with pools of urine-yellow right at the pits.
When your crisp white dress shirt or favourite tee starts yellowing around the collar or under the arms — don't sweat. Most think sweat stains are caused by sweat, but they are actually the result of a reaction between aluminium-based antiperspirants and your body. Regular laundry detergents are usually rendered ineffective in cleaning ugly yellow sweat stains that ruin your favorite clothes.Nevertheless, there are several stain removing products like OxiClean, Country Save Bleach, Clorox 2, etc. Thankfully, this simple solution will prolong the lives of all your white tees and undershirts, so that you don't look like a gross uncle at the next BBQ. Removing those unsightly stains is easier than you think with the help of natural ingredients that will leave that article of clothing looking fresh.
To attack the discolouration, soak the shirt in a bowl filled with the vinegar and two cups warm water.

And this eco-friendly cleaning solution costs basically nothing, which means the money you save on dry cleaning can go toward an indulgent coffee at your favourite spot.
Now you can take off your jacket and raise your arms proudly without worrying about flashing nasty stains. Hydrogen peroxide is a natural whitening agent, and baking soda and salt work together to lift the stain. Smear this paste liberally on the stained area and try to scrub the stain away.You could use an old toothbrush or a fingernail brush for this purpose.
Soak the yellow stained area in this solution for two to three hours and then, wash the garment as usual.If the stain has faded but not disappeared completely, then you can repeat the procedure again. Besides, you may use a combination of one part each of hydrogen peroxide, water, and baking soda.Furthermore, you may use a mixture of one part dish soap and two parts hydrogen peroxide, and let it sit on the affected area for about one hour. You can treat the stains with one tablespoon of white vinegar mixed in half a cup of water.

After rubbing it on the fabric, let it sit for about half an hour before putting it in the washing machine.You may also try a combination of half a cup each of vinegar and baking soda, and leave it overnight. Meat tenderizers contain enzymes like bromelain that help break down the proteins in sweat without ruining the fabric.Furthermore, people have claimed to have gotten rid of ugly yellow sweat stains from their clothes using unusual remedies like hair shampoo (formulated for oily hair), clear mouthwash, white toothpaste, moistened denture tablets, vodka, and even baby wipes. For stains on delicate and un-washable fabrics, it is best to get them cleaned professionally.Additional TipsBefore using any of the aforementioned methods for cleaning sweat stains, make sure you test them on a small area. In addition, to avoid sweat stains on sweaty garments, immediately wash them in cold water while rubbing the fabric together. Plus, when applying an antiperspirant on your skin, let it dry before putting on your shirt.

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