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Otherwise the leftover powder along with the sweat and body oil will close the pores of the skin. Turmeric is very effective in the treatment of prickly heat because it also has anti bacterial and antiseptic properties. Take two table spoon fuller’s earth, one tablespoon sandalwood powder and rosewater to mix everything into smooth paste.
Psoriasis like other skin ailments are of various types and the best treatment will depend on the kind of psoriasis that you have.
If you do not take timely care and cure it at primary stage the apparently innocent rash may get infected and will take serious look.

Children are prone to excessive sweating as they are energetic very much and do physical activities all the time.
Stay away from spicy and oily food and take mainly light type of foods that are easy to digest. In humid and hot weather when we sweat excessively, the pores of the sebum gland is blocked by excessive sweating.
This article will help you to take the necessary steps so that you may cure prickly heat at the very primary level. Drink lemon juice everyday it will supply a great amount of vitamin C which is necessary to keep your skin well.

Apply that paste on your infected part of the skin and wait for half and hour before taking bath with soap. Apply this combination twice daily and you will get prickly heat free skin almost in a weak.
Sep swollen gl…As already mentioned, overactive oil glands play an important role inHyperthyroidism.

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