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We did our own research into the lexical world of VAGINA, and this produced some interesting results. The fact that Republicans are trying to legislate something they are unwilling to even say adds extra layers of hilarity to VAGINAgate. In a world conspicuously devoid of adverts for wiener cleaner, it’s a bit disconcerting to see ‘Woo hoo for my froo froo!’ posted on the side of telephone boxes throughout the country. Such terms are perhaps just about acceptable when you have a little girl with a tricycle injury and don’t want her uttering the C-bomb. The problem with euphemising the term ‘VAGINA’ is that it takes serious discussion of them off to the menu. Of course, the implication that you can’t really love your VAGINA unless you use a certain product is deeply impertinent.
Until they finally realised that it annihilated everything good inside your flange, douching that made you smell detergent-like was an incredibly popular activity, promoted mostly by VAGINA-haters in the US. In light of this, it’s of utmost importance that you learn to call your VAGINA what it is, and furthermore, accept it in its natural state. Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett and Holly Baxter are co-founders and editors of online magazine, The Vagenda. The lines between sex, love and friendship are blurrier than ever, as I found out quickly while using the app. The first time I met someone using Tinder, the free dating app that requires users to swipe left for “no” and right for “yes” before enabling new “matches” to chat, it was an unqualified success. I should probably qualify that.
My Tinder date was a master’s student from Valencia called Anna (her name wasn’t really Anna, of course, I’m not a sociopath).
According to Sean Rad, the co-founder who launched Tinder in late 2012, the service was invented for people like me. When we met up in London a few months later, Louisa and I decided to skip the second part of Linklater’s beautiful triptych and fast-track our relationship straight to the third, Before Midnight, which takes place 18 years after the protagonists’ first meet in Vienna, and have begun to discover that they hate each others’ guts. Worse still, you will see people you know on Tinder – that includes colleagues, neighbours and exes – and they will see you. While the company is cagey about its user data, we know that Tinder has been downloaded over 100 million times and has produced upwards of 11 billion matches – though the number of people who have made contact will be far lower. Some people may notice a swollen hair follicle that is tender or painful to the touch soon after exiting a hot tub or heated pool. If your swollen hair follicle is isolated and there are no other red, itchy bumps around it, you may have an ingrown hair. If your swollen hair follicle does not appear to be the result of an ingrown hair and no topical medication you apply to the area seems to work, you should see a doctor.
I'm not sure if this is possible, but I am a guy and have swollen hair follicles all over my legs. I frequently get boils called furuncles that are caused by damage to an entire follicle and the surrounding skin. I have had a problem with ingrown hairs my entire life and I hate the way they make my legs look. If you shave anything the chance of you getting a swollen hair follicle can be pretty high. Ingrown toenail definition ingrown toenail medical, Toenail [?a] nail digits foot. Ingrown toenail - symptoms, diagnosis, treatment , An ingrown toenail occurs edge nail grows skin toe.. Ingrown toenail treatment guide - complete resource, Welcome ingrown toenail ( fingernail) treatment guide find relief painful ingrown nail. Ingrown toenails often are the result of trimming your toenails too short, particularly on the sides of your big toes. Ingrown toenails start out hard, swollen and tender, and later, may become sore, red and infected. Soaking your foot in warm, soapy water several times each day is usually a good way to treat an ingrown nail. If you are prone to boils in the groin area, there are measures that you can take to prevent boils from developing: Washing your skin with antibacterial soap will prevent bacteria from building up and infecting your pores. Perhaps because our VAGINAS, especially those of our American sisters are, much like Stalingrad, increasingly under siege (Stalingrad is another euphemism for VAGINA).
The feminist backlash to the suggestion of transvaginal probes involved women inundating Senator Ryan McDoogle’s Facebook page with detailed information about their lady bits. From the Inga Muscio classic Cunt: A Declaration of Independence to Dr Catherine Blackledge’s The Story of V, to Caitlin Moran’s How to Be a Woman, women have been trying to wrestle their vaginas out of male hands and away from male terms which don’t belong to us for ages now.

Half the population carry them around in their pants without freaking out, yet if VAGINAS were supposed to complement the saccharine, flower-gathering view of everyday women by smelling like a lavender patch, they would. VAGINAS are a wonderful arrangement of flaps capable of the most magnificent things, just as God, in Her infinite wisdom, intended. I was newly single after five years in a committed relationship and wasn’t looking for anything more than fun, friendship and, well, who knows. When I arrived at the appointed meeting place, she told me I was far more handsome IRL (“in real life”) than my pictures suggested.
The date wasn’t a success in the traditional sense of leading us into a contract based on exclusivity, an accumulating cache of resentments and a mortgage, but it had put me back in the game (an appropriate metaphor – people speak regularly of “playing” with the app).
Far more people swipe out of boredom or curiosity than are ever likely to want to meet up, in part because swiping is so brain-corrosively addictive. It may sound like a lot but the Tinder user-base remains stuck at around the 50 million mark: a self-selecting coterie of mainly urban, reasonably affluent, generally white men and women, mostly aged between 18 and 34. Vina and Skout – is seeking to capitalise on Tinder’s reputation as a portal for sleaze, a charge Sean Rad was keen to deny at the London event.
I had been visiting a friend in Sweden, and took it pretty badly when a Tinder date invited me to a terrible nightclub, only to take a few looks at me and bolt without even bothering to fabricate an excuse. This is because heated water is the primary culprit for a certain type of bacteria that causes folliculitis. You might be able to remedy this by using a pair of tweezers and attempting to pluck the hair out of your skin.
I have had these for years, they haven't gone away, but they have made my legs unhairy, since most of my hairs will not grow. It's also a good idea to use some rubbing alcohol to clean the tweezers beforehand as well.
When trimming your nails, avoid tapering the corners so that the nail curves with the shape of your toe. Part of your ingrown toenail (partial nail plate avulsion) may need to be surgically removed if an acute infection occurs.
State representative Lisa Brown hilariously offended some Republicans last week when she had the temerity to utter the word during a ridiculously euphemistic debate about female contraception and abortion. The fact that ‘VAGINA’ is back with a vengeance can only be good in the face of patronising advertising such as the below, from a well-known feminine hygiene brand that we don’t care to publicise here. Celebrating because you got the right product to make your natural VAGINA less disgusting: not exactly the passive aggressive message we relish.
The potential for hilarity (pastrami curtains, anyone?) has been eschewed in favour of prudishness.
How on earth are we supposed to retain possession of them if we can’t even call them what they are?
Lisa Brown being banned from saying "vagina", it's no wonder America were at the forefront (pun intended) of fanny denial.
Once you do that, you’ll realise that anyone who says otherwise is most likely a DOUCHEBAG. I met Louisa (ditto, name) outside some notable church or other one evening while visiting on holiday (Tinder tourism being, in my view, a far more compelling way to get to know a place than a cumbersome Lonely Planet guide). University, occupation, a short bio and mutual Facebook “likes” are optional (my bio is made up entirely of emojis: the pizza slice, the dancing lady, the stack of books). Tinder is working on a new iteration, Tinder Social, for groups of friends who want to hang out with other groups on a night out, rather than dating. Infected hair follicles can typically be treated with over-the-counter topical antibiotics rubbed into the skin. If your swollen hair follicle shows up not long after you've used a hot tub or pool, check to see if there are other swollen hair follicles alongside it because they usually appear in small patches.
This could be tricky because it may be necessary to dig around just beneath your skin to find it.
I have never shaved my legs, so if they are ingrown hairs, then I was born with them somehow. It is especially bad if they get dark and look infected. I have tried a lot of over the counter beauty products but so far haven't had a lot of luck with things like salt scrubs and a special washcloth.
I once got a really bad infection that stemmed from using a pair of tweezers to get an ingrown hair out and the doctor recommended those steps for prevention.
I bought an exfoliating brush from a natural foods stores and I use it faithfully on my legs before I take a shower and shave. The procedure involves injecting the toe with an anesthetic and cutting out the ingrown part of the toenail.

We encountered two Italian exchange students who told us that the standard slang term for down there in Italy is ‘potato’ - a visual we’re finding it slightly difficult to get our heads around. They suggest a variety of terms, ranging from ‘mini’ to ‘twinkle’ to ‘hoo ha’, before uttering the immortal tagline ‘whatever you call it, make sure you love it.’ VOM. The whole ‘froo froo’ shebang has led to an internet-wide speculation on how you should refer to your lady parts - with equally cutesy results.
Fundamentalist Christians are no better, as the online post ’51 Christian Friendly Terms For VAGINA’, which jokingly suggests such legends as ‘sin bucket’, ‘devil sponge’ and ‘neighbour of anus’, goes to show. Which is why it is of utmost importance that, if you can bring yourself to do it, you stop referring to your ‘la-la’ and start using the proper anatomical terminology.
Pussy polishers that claim to say woo woo to your frou frou are just the natural extension of douching, which should have died a death before we even knew they did more harm than good. We drank cocktails by the Danube and rambled across the city before making the romantic decision to stay awake all night, as she had to leave early the next day to go hiking with friends. This makes sense for a relatively fresh business determined to keep on growing: more people are in relationships than out of them, after all. The lines between sex, love and friendship are blurrier than ever, but you can be sure that if you look closely at the lines, you’ll almost certainly notice the pixels. If the infection was caused by a fungus, anti-fungal medications might be able to take care of it. You can attempt to treat your swollen hair follicle with the use of over-the-counter topical antibiotic cream.
If you successfully get it plucked out, be sure to sanitize the area afterward to keep it from getting infected. You may end up needing prescription medication to effectively get rid of your swollen hair follicle. I do not think they are fungal infections, since they have been there for years with no change. If you find one it is definitely worth a go to try and get the hair out with a pair of tweezers you have disinfected. A schoolgirl, meanwhile, insisted that her mother referred to it as her ‘fairy’, which is just begging for years of psychoanalysis later in life when she realises that at the same age, she believed that a fairy took her teeth in exchange for money. The same happened to Texas Governor Rick Perry, who since deleting the posts became the lucky recipient of oodles of hand-knitted and crocheted VAGINAS. We wouldn’t go so far as to suggest that you inundate the Facebook page of that ‘feminine hygiene product’ (read: vagina perfume) with ‘VULVA’ posts, but here’s the link and a labelled diagram of the general area.
She said she had a boyfriend, but wanted to keep the postcard. I had no date and I lost my page.
It was just like the Richard Linklater movie Before Sunrise – something I said out loud more than a few times as the Aperol Spritzes took their toll.
Ingrown hairs are treated differently and can normally be taken care of at home without a doctor visit or any special medication.
If this does not work, the infection might be fungal, in which case you can try an anti-fungal cream on your skin. Once the hair is gone, the swelling should go down, but keep in mind that the hair may always grow back in at an awkward angle, and you may have to keep plucking it out to prevent it from bothering you.
I have found nothing addressing a case like this, so if anyone has suggestions please post. The pus can also enter the blood stream and spread the infection to other parts of your body.
Shout it from your office cubicle, your freelancer’s Starbucks table, your library cubby hole (also a euphemism for VAGINA). Finally - the mystery of where those milk teeth disappear to is solved (and with it, the origins of the possibly mythological disease ‘VAGINA dentata'). Then there was the viral video, ‘Republicans, Get in my VAGINA.’ VAGINAS are back, and they mean business.
We wound up holding hands through a horrific patch of mid-air turbulence, exchanged anecdotes to distract ourselves and even, when we were safely in sight of the ground, a kiss.

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