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The World Health Organization (WHO) is urging all sexually active gay men to take antiretroviral drugs to reduce the spread of HIV.The organisation says the move may help prevent a million new HIV infections over 10 years. The French and German leaders are to mark the 100th anniversary of Verdun, the longest battle of World War One - and one of its most brutal. In 2013, revisions were made to the Gonococcal Infections chapter in response to emerging antimicrobial resistance. For treatment regimens in children, see Gonococcal Infections and Chlamydial Infections chapters.

Specimens to be collected and sent for laboratory testing as outlined in the Diagnosis section. Trends in the prevalence of pathogens causing urethritis in Asturias, Spain, 1989–2000. A Supplementary Statement has been developed to highlight key changes in the diagnosis, management and follow-up for Urethritis until such time as the full chapter revision is available. This Supplementary Statement should be used in conjunction with the 2010 chapter to ensure that the most current recommendations are being implemented in your practice.

About expedited partner therapy ept is antibiotics, including azithromycin and confidential.

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