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Eye infection can be caused by bacteria, viruses, allergies etc but you may treat eye infection easily with some inexpensive, simple but effective solutions at home. Moreover avoid swimming in chlorinated water, avoid wearing contact lenses 24 hours especially at night while you are sleeping, avoid sitting in front of laptop or TV for long time, remove make up from eyes when you comes back at home as all above mentioned things can cause eye infection. JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER Join over 30,000 visitors who are receiving our newsletter and regular updates about Bollywood directly in their Inbox. Honey has been found to be an extremely effective natural remedy for the treatment of eye infection. When your infection is still in the early stages, sprinkling a few drops of breast milk in your eyes can do wonders.
Apple cider vinegar can also do wonders to help you get rid of eye infections naturally because it contains malic acid that helps to fight against all kinds of bacterial infections.
Take a fistful of fresh or dried coriander and prepare a tea by boiling it in 2 cups of water. Though your diet doesn’t have any direct bearing on your eye infection, but certain nutrients like Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin B9, B6 and B12 are extremely important for healthy and well-functioning eyes.
Below I list some of the potential home remedies that offer relief from bacterial infection. The natural healing properties of yoghurt work wonders for several complications including potential bacterial infection.
Foods that have a rich content of vitamin C offer much relief from bacterial infection, particularly if you are suffering from complications in throat. Tea water is another great home remedy for bacterial infection, particularly if you are suffering from the same in your genital area. Some common sign and symptoms that your eyes are infected are redness of eye, irritation in eyes, pain, swelling, watery eyes, yellow green discharge, blurring vision, photophobia and itching of eyes continuously. If you are facing itching or redness in your eyes then use few drops of it in your eyes two to three times daily until your infection gets finish. You may apply directly in your eyes or mix some warm water with honey and wash your eyes with that mixture.
Next morning pour that water in a dropper and put few drops of that jasmine water in your effected eye until your eyes get soaked. But if your problem doesn’t solve or you start facing blurriness, double vision, severe pain or other serious eye injuries than you must seek medical attention immediately.

There are a variety of forms of eye infections, amongst which the most common ones include conjunctivitis, blepharitis and styes. This is because breast milk contains immunoglobulin that helps in regulating the growth of bacteria. Simple dilute 1 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a cup of cold water and use it to wash your eyes with the help of a cotton ball.
Besides this, minerals such as zinc and antioxidants like lutein are also important for maintaining good eye health.Therefore, you should consume fresh vegetables and fruits in abundant amounts as they are great sources of vitamins E and C. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Though a range of allopathic medicines are available that offer relief from bacterial infection, going for home remedies is a better option as these offer permanent cure from the problem. Take yoghurt on a regular basis and your bacterial infection related complications will diminish. Few teaspoons of apple cider vinegar added to the bathing bucket in the morning will offer much needed relief.
You need to take plenty of water and juices in case you are suffering from bacterial infection. Bacterial infection in urinary tract region gets cured,  if you take blueberry juice on a regular basis. Include lemon, broccoli, papaya and tomatoes in your diet and you will get relief from complications related to bacterial infection.
Place a tea bag in warm water and apply the same to the genital portion on a regular basis. You may also use hot tea bags to treat “stye” by put bag on your eyes for few minutes until it gets dry.
Consult your eye doctor to get medical help and better chance to come out of your eye infection. To use this remedy, simply mix a few drops of raw or organic honey in a spoonful of rose water and drop it into the infected eyes with the help of a dropper. Use this mixture to give your infected eye a wash twice each day till the infection subsides.
Fatty fishes like tuna, salmon, herring and mackerel contain omega-3 fatty acids whereas milk, meat, whole grains and eggs provide zinc.

Alternatively,  you can apply yoghurt to the affected region and imminent relief will occur. Diarrhea is also caused by a bacteria and in case you suffer from same, increase your fluid intake. Take blueberry juice at least thrice a day and you will have visible improvement in your condition in case you are suffering from bacterial infection in the urinary tract region. Vitamin C enriched food helps you develop a strong immune system, thus helping you get over any complication related to bacterial infection. Though these infections are not serious in most cases but they can largely vary in severity and may sometimes even be grave enough to put the vision at risk.In most cases, natural and home treatment options suffice to restore the normal health of the eyes.
Alternatively, you can also prepare a cold eye bath by mixing 2 teaspoons of raw honey in 2-3 cups of cold water and using it to wash your eyes.This eye bath will help to strengthen your eyes, get rid of the infection as well as restore the natural sparkle and expression of your eyes.
For this cure to work, it needs to be performed a minimum of 3 times each day till the infection is cleared. This will help to alleviate the burning sensation that often accompanies the eye infection as well as reduce the swelling and pain.
This remedy is extremely helpful in reducing the inflammation, redness and pain associated with eye infections. Try this remedy for a week in case you are suffering from bacterial infection in any region next to your ear. In fact, they are usually preferred over conventional treatments as they are much gentler as well as easier to use.
Simply prepare this eye wash, dip your face inside a sink or basin of water containing the wash and blink your eyes several times.
However, in case the infection persists for a long time, it would be a good idea to consult your doctor. Here are a few of the most effective and popular natural cures for the treatment of eye infections.

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