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Although the print is titled Leech Finders I suspect that in fact the ladies took off their shoes and stockings and waited for the leeches to find them!
I remember that in the village where I grew up there was an old family doctor (who had brought both me and my father into the world).
The alternative was to use a scarificator like this little number with six lancets which would dig into your arm (or wherever it was applied) and soon get your juices going.
One can only imagine the debilitating effect of blood-letting on someone already feeling poorly. The use of maggots on such wounds as have ulcerated is another remedy that has come back – because maggots preferentially devour necrotic tissue. Mike RendellThis blog has grown out of the research which has gone into my book The Journal of a Georgian Gentleman. This extraordinary pile of 18th century ephemera has enabled me to write up my ancestor's life story - it is the world of a man who originally had a haberdashery shop on One London Bridge and who then retired to the Cotswolds to become a farmer.
He was a worrier,a hypochondriac, and was always being treated for his nerves, for his digestive problems and so on. The leeches would then be sold on to pharmacists, who would keep them in jars like the one shown here. It has suckers at either end enabling it to fasten on to a suitable host, and once in place they would then gorge themselves until full, when they would fall off.

He was in his eighties, still practising medicine, and he explained to me that in the 1920’s he used to prescribe leeches. It dates from 1791 and shows the good medic deserting his patient, who is sitting in his episcopal chair, in order to treat a horse. Binding maggots against a wound was common in the wars of the 18th century and Napoleonic wars. I might have felt better when exiting a Minnesota lake with two stuck to my arm in the past.
Between being starved and bled for the last part of her pregnancy, she and her child both lost their lives. It derives from the huge volume of papers which I have inherited from Richard Hall - my 4 x Great grandfather - ordinary everyday papers such as shopping lists, jottings on the back of tea packets, as well as diaries, journals and inventories. Collecting the leeches from the streams was a job for women – as seen from this print dated 1814. The top is held in place with a clasp, and contains tiny air holes so that the leeches could breathe. Apparently the pharmacy kept them in rotation: the ones fed most recently were the cheapest, whereas the really hungry ones cost the most! The jockey is saying that this horse has spavin (in other words has gone lame as a result of osteoarthritis in the lower hock joint).

I’m sure the poor doctor was doing what he thought best- poor chap did himself in once England was left without an heir to the throne.
And yes, I am aware that leeches are still used occasionally by doctors, for instance after plastic surgery. He also on one occasion had an incision made behind his ear, a dried pea inserted and his ear was then bandaged up for a couple of days, so that a blister was formed. Leech saliva apparently contains compounds which reduce pain, prevent clotting and dilate the blood vessels. The pea was removed along with the “humorous liquid” and no doubt the doctor went away well paid and happy. In 2004, the US Food and Drug Administration cleared the use of medicinal leeches for wound healing, limb reattachment and reconstructive surgery, and they are  also employed to treat arthritis, blood clotting disorders, and varicose veins.

How to get rid of a lump behind my ear
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