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The cause of blisters is constant pressure or rubbing – wearing tight-fitting shoes or holding a tool. There are signs of infection, such as severe redness around the blister, red streaks, severe swelling, pus, fever or increased pain. Usually there are usually general symptoms such as blister or formation of green or abscess strep throat and this is the indication that there is pus on tonsils. Some of the other general symptoms of tonsils are sore throat, pain or discomfort while talking or in take of food or abscess or strep throat. It is important to note here that when there is pus on tonsils it is caused by bacteria and virus and it has to be given good care to find permanent relief and cure. Generally Doctors prescribes antibiotics to contain the spread of the bacteria which cause pus on tonsil stones. The real problem is formation of an an excessive amount of tonsilloliths in the crypts and therefore the permanent solution lies in removal of the tonsils.
Many people sufferers of this problem afraid of  going for the surgical removal of  tonsils.  Here is the good news for you.

Diane Puttman Creator of Banish Tonsil Stones put together an incredible step-by-step program that will show you exactly how to get rid of your Tonsil Stones naturally and ensure they never come back. It can be treated by a doctor who can prevent further increase of bacteria which if left untreated causes many other problems such as  fever or any other infection. The green portion of Pus on tonsils may result in bringing more damage to other parts of the body which is why immediate treatment has to be given for strep throat.
Tonsil abscess is a stage where there is lot of discomfort is faced by the patient and there is also much pain due to green Pus.
The medication given by the doctor includes antibiotics to immediately stop the spread of green Pus and also the treatment for sore throat.
The doctor will not only ensure the treatment for blisters and strep throat but also the antibiotics given will offer relief from Pus and abscess.
After finding the cure, it is important to follow the instructions given by the doctor and maintain proper diet and oral hygiene.
Keep you mouth very clean and gargling with antibacterial stuff such as diluted TCP and Listerine at regular points through the day.

You must realize that tonsil stones and puss are different symptoms caused by inter related  problems of tonsillitis. If the blister is open, wash it, apply an antibiotic ointment, and then apply a sterile dressing or bandage. It is very much true that there is severe presence of bacteria in the throat which causes pus and this may occur in any age group. This will definitely bring down the level and severity of infection and further lessens the risk of spread of virus to other parts of the body. Tonsil stones are calcification in your tosilllar crypts and whereas pus on tonsil is result of inflammation and infection of tonsillar crypts. Going for Surgery is an expensive and many people sufferers of afraid of it and its side effects.

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