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Are you wondering whether those bites you found on your hands and feet are from bed bugs or fleas? Have you ever gotten out of bed wondering if that red, itchy spot on your legwas froma flea or bed bug? In rare cases, individuals will have an allergic reaction to the flea bite that can result in difficulty breathing, chest pain, and hives.
As soon as you identify the bite, clean the area with soap and water and pat the area dry using a clean towel. Place a cold compress over the affected area, several times a day, to decrease the amount of swelling and inflammation.
To control fleas, treat all carpeted areas and pet bedding with flea insecticide sprays, foggers, or powders. If you prefer to treat fleas naturally, begin by washing all clothing, bedding, and pet bedding in hot water. Bed bugs are small, non-flying insects that obtain nourishment from the blood they remove from humans or animals.
Most often an infestation of bed bugs will require a pest-control expert because bed bugs are highly adaptable pests that can live for up to a year without feeding.
You can try to spray or dust insecticides to remove bed bugs from your home but these products must be applied to all areas where bed bugs congregate including cracks in the furniture, holes in the walls, and other crevices found throughout the residence.Since it is virtually impossible to remove all bed bugs from a bed or mattress you will need to discard all mattresses and bedding infected with bed bugs.
So the next time you wake up with a red, itchy bite on your leg there are some clues to help you determine whether the bite was from a flea or bed bug. More commonly found on the ankles, armpits, waist, bends of knees, and elbows but can be anywhere on the body. Infection is not common, but becomes more likely in premises were fleas are only partially controlled if at all. The flea's astonishing ability to jump 100 times its own height?allows it to easily make it onto a passing host (you or your pet cat). What you will see when they get onto you is they quickly crawl up your legs and get under your clothing to feed.
In short - if you use one method it is a toss-up between temporary relief or prolonged suffering for about four weeks. One of the big questions our customers often ask in relation to fleas affecting their homes or offices is very simply "Where do fleas come from"? The legs and lower arms are common places especially where the skin is delicate with a good vascular supply close to the surface. Sadly it is often children who get bitten first as their skin is delicate and untainted with strong perfumes or aftershaves.
Because of our insect expertise ensures that our pest control services are faster and more flexible than many other providers. WaspKill UK are always here to help - so why not give us a call or visit our Bristol Pest Control Blog. Insects are tiny creatures that can inflict pain, swelling, and other symptoms to an individual who has been stung. One can get a tick bite while outdoors, and they usually attach to the skin as it brushes against plants or grass. Bites from a black widow spider may be severe, since they can cause sharp pain, swelling, and redness.
These insects often hide in beddings of hotels, apartment complexes, and shelters, and they can be brought into your home by clinging to your luggage, boxes and pets.
Upon contact with human skin, their hair injects the venom, which causes symptoms like itching, pain, and dermatitis. There are many types of mosquitoes, and some are just annoying while others can carry viruses like the West Nile virus or dengue fever virus that can cause serious disease. The information provided can help you with insect bite identification based on the appearance of the bite and the symptoms that accompany them.
It is always best to prevent being bitten by insects, which have the potential to bring harmful reactions or diseases. Sweetened beverages and garbage cans attract bees and other insects, so use caution when eating outdoors.
People who are known to have a serious allergic reaction to insect bites or stings are advised to wear a medical ID or bracelet and to carry an emergency epinephrine kit. Flea bite allergy is characterized by being a seasonal allergy that is worse during peak flea times in the summer and fall.
Dogs and cats with flea allergy dermatitis can have a broad spectrum of symptoms including miliary dermatitis, characterized by crusty papules(small, red, raised skin lesions that follow no specific pattern), symmetrical hair loss(alopecia) and moist dermatitis (hotspots). Diagnosis can be made usually by visual signs, pattern of hair loss and history in combination with the presence of fleas or flea dirt.
Environmental treatment for fleas involves treating the house, outside areas your pet may frequent, and especially sleeping areas and bedding with an insect growth regulator. Read on to page 3 for information about different flea control products currently available through your veterinarian and the differences between them. Pets who are affected by allergies may suffer their entire lives; typically symptoms worsen as they get older.
Skin infections that respond to antibiotics, but then recur as soon as the antibiotic therapy ceases. Controlling fleas on dogs and cats and preventing flea infestation in the home can be a real challenge, particularly during the warmer months of the year. The most common mistake pet owners make is waiting until their dog or cat is already infested with fleas before trying to control the flea population.
By the time you start seeing fleas on your dog or cat, you are too late to institute effective flea prevention. These new fleas will be effectively killed once they reach your pet, assuming you have treated your pet with an effective flea control product. The best way to control fleas on your dog or cat is to start treating for them preventively, before you see any fleas on your dog or cat. Sentinel acts as a heartworm preventative as well as intestinal parasite prevention and controlling flea populations.

Nitenpyram is an oral medication that provides fast flea relief and starts working within 30 minutes. Although it can be difficult to distinguish between flea bites and bed bug bites there are some clues that will help you distinguish between the two. The most important part in managing flea bites is being able to resist the urge to scratch the bite. To do this, pet owners need to treat all pets with flea shampoo or flea spot on treatment liquids. Since flea eggs can live for weeks inside the home or pet bedding, a second treatment is often needed. Then dry the materials in the dryer on high heat to help remove the pests and kill the eggs. Although bed bugs can live in furniture and upholstery, they prefer to congregate in beds and bed frames where they feed at night. However, if the bites itch, youcan treat them with topical steroid creams or oral antihistamines.
These experts can help prevent future bed bug infestations by filling in cracks in the tile, hardwood floors, and crown moldings and enclosing all mattresses with protective bags. Sometimes, serious reaction can also occur when bitted by certain insects which can be life threatening, and proper insect bite identifications may be important to help you deal with this condition. By understanding your pest, you are able to plan control in advance, before infestation occurs and the cost of elimination becomes high. Sometimes the reaction is mild, but extreme cases of life-threatening situations do occur occasionally. Symptoms include extreme itchiness of the scalp, which may lead to infection and hair fall.
Their bites cause itchy rashes, which may develop into bumps and blisters and become inflamed. Some species may cause inflammation of the upper airway leading to bronchospasm, vomiting, muscle cramping, bleeding, and in severe cases, kidney failure. Certain types of bees lose their stinger after they bite but hornets, wasps, and yellow jackets could inflict several stings without losing their stingers.
Cats and dogs that are not allergic to flea bites rarely develop lesions from the bites, but may bite or scratch at the flea when it bites them. Even in temperate areas or in cases with home infestations, the symptoms of flea bite allergies appear to worsen in the summer and fall. IGRs prevent immature forms of fleas from developing, but nothing works against the pupae stage except mechanically removing them by vacuuming.
Although pets occasionally exhibit watery eyes and some sneezing, the most common reaction is scratching.
We can help alleviate some of that suffering by knowing the signs of allergies and finding the right type of product relief for the symptoms.
Occasionally, dogs with true food allergies may have increased bowel movements and soft stool.
The type of condition and severity of its symptoms will determine how your veterinarian decides to treat them.
Though there are many flea prevention medications which are quite effective, most of the commonly available products for flea control and prevention are much more effective if used preventively.
80% of the flea population is in the form of flea eggs, pupae and larvae already present in your home. This means that regardless of the flea product that you use on your dog or cat, it will likely take several months to get rid of the flea infestation in your house if the flea infestation is already well established.
However, no flea control product applied to a dog or cat will be able to kill flea eggs and larvae pre-existing in the environment because the product will likely not come into contact with these eggs and larvae. Sentinel does not kill the fleas but acts as a birth control making the flea eggs sterile and thus preventing 80% of the flea population from developing into adult fleas. Spinosad effects the motor neurons of the adult fleas causing hyperexitation, paralysis and death. A single dose will kill the adult fleas currently on your pet-you will literally see fleas falling off your pet. Before we examine the differences between the two bites it is important that we start by taking a separate look at each bite. However there are some clues these pests leave behind to help identify the origin of the bite. Bed bugs bites are commonly found on the hands, neck, face, and arms because these areas are more likely to be exposed during sleep.
A course of oral antibiotics may beprescribedto treat an infection that develops at the bed bug site. Insect bites identifications may be important in the treatment of symptoms especially if serious reactions occur. If the head is not buried in the skin, remove the tick properly, using tweezers to pull the insect near its mouth, trying not to leave any part of the head or body on the skin.
Severe symptoms like nausea, vomiting, muscle cramps, seizures, and an increase in blood pressure may follow. Kill the lice and their nits (eggs) using medically prescribed shampoo, creams, or lotions.
The red bites may be found usually in the shoulders and arms and they can become infected when scratched. When bitted by puss caterpillars, using a commercial facial peel or cellophane tape to remove broken-off spines and seek a medical professional. However, scratching can cause infection, and if a skin rash develops, an allergic reaction may have occurred.
Despite recent advances in flea control, flea bite allergies and flea bite dermatitis still continue to be common problems. It is best to use an adulticide, which kills the adult fleas, plus an insect growth regulator (IGR) as well. Carbon dioxide from exhaled breath and vibrations from vacuuming can stimulate the pupae to hatch and emerge as adults.

Food allergies should not be confused with food intolerances, which are not true allergies, and generally cause diarrhea and vomiting. And, in the meantime, you will still see adult fleas appearing on your dog or cat as these eggs hatch out.
If you are not currently using a flea prevention product on your dog or cat, you should start doing so immediately.
This product is an oral medication given once a month for dogs only and is safe for puppies over 4 wks old and weighing over 2lbs. When given to your dog each month, Comfortis tablets kill adult fleas before they are able to lay their eggs.
It is also remarkably safe so if your pet gets reinfested, you can give another dose as often as once per day.
The bumps appear on the skin as flat, small, or raised areas that can become inflamed, itchy, red, or blister.
If the insect is found attached to the skin with its head buried in it, a lump may develop, and this may be the insect buried beneath the skin. Wash beddings, brushes, and clothes to prevent their spread and treat other contaminated household members. They may disappear within two days without treatment but one can use oral histamines or topical steroids to relieve an allergic reaction.
Other symptoms include tingling, muscle twitching, sweating, drooling, vomiting, drooling, vision problems, and abnormal head and neck movements.
IGRs help to kill immature forms of the flea, preventing them from developing into biting adults. Vacuuming with a flea collar, and proper disposal of the cleaner bag can be very beneficial. Allergies that result from flea-bites are referred to as flea allergies or flea-bite dermatitis. Beginning flea control measures now for your dog or cat will save you a lot of aggravation and expense in the summertime when fleas are rampant. Under certain conditions, fleas are able to actively reproduce, even in the middle of winter.
Because this is an oral medication, it may be a good choice for dogs who are avid swimmers or if you or your dog don’t like the feeling of the greasy topical medications. CAPSTAR is safe for use in kittens and puppies over 4 wks old and weighing over 2lbs, and can even be used in pregnant or nursing pets. A bite with two puncture marks is most likely from an ant or spider; whereas, a bite with one puncture mark in the center of the bite is most likely from a flea. It is extremely important that you empty the vacuum bag and remove the vacuum bag from your home to avoid reinfestation. In this case, do not attempt to pull the insect because the head may be left beneath the skin.
When bitten many times, a person may develop an allergic reaction that can be life threatening. Symptoms of bee sting allergy include hives, swelling of face, mouth and throat, vomiting, wheezing, chest pain, and decreased blood pressure.
Pupae can remain in the environment for years before sensing the carbon dioxide and vibration and emerge. Certain allergies occur from items your pet ingests, and are typically called food allergies. Crawl spaces under your home, dog houses and other sheltered areas provide adequate conditions to allow fleas to reproduce all winter long. The catch is that if the parasites are not on the pet, the chemicals will not work on the animal. Revolution is labeled for killing adult fleas, flea eggs, heartworms, ear mites, hookworms and roundworms in cats, and adult fleas, flea eggs, hookworms, ear mites, sarcoptic mites and American dog ticks in dogs. If bitten by a bee, simply remove the stinger from the skin, clean the site, and apply ice. In choosing the product, your veterinarian will consider the severity of the flea allergy, the severity of the flea infestation, whether your pet goes outside or to the park, whether there are multiple pets in the household, how easy it is for you to treat your pet, among other topics. Other pets in the home should also be treated also as they could continue to bring fleas into the environment.
Contact allergies or allergic dermatitis are caused by something your pet comes in direct contact with, such as carpet fibers, plastics, and other things. If undetected and a rash forms after a few weeks, consult a doctor, as this may be a sign of a serious condition such as Lyme disease.
You can also take and oral antihistamine for itching, and acetaminophen or ibuprofen for pain relief.
The feces, or flea dirt will dissolve into a red color when moistened; this is because it is primarily digested blood.
While there are many methods available today to treat and care for flea allergies and symptoms, an effective flea prevention program is much safer and easier than dealing with a full blown flea infestation. Contact allergies (plastics, carpet fibers, detergents) are far less common than inhalant allergy and flea allergy dermatitis in pets. It is typically applied once a month, for allergic dogs and cats, application every 3 weeks is recommended. In case of severe anaphylactic reaction, call for emergency care or use epinephrine (EpiPen) if you have one. Severely affected pets may itch over their entire bodies, have generalized hair loss, and red inflamed skin.

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