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The Cat Health Guide is not intended to replace the advice of a Veterinarian or other Health Professional.
Starting in the summer, Ann Arbor Animal Hospital will treat cats and kittens for various size grubs (larvae or bots) in the neck, nose, or eye socket. This parasite can also occur in dogs, but this is less common in our southeast Michigan practice.
Perio Plus Feline Bites offers two healthy dental benefits for cats combining teeth polishing with breath freshening.
Perio Plus Feline Bites feature CoQ10, natural zeolites, and probiotics to create complete dental support for cats. As a licensed pharmacy, we are required to collect selected health and safety information on your pet. Some of these pets can become quite sick so it is important to know how they become infected and what is involved in treating them.

Usually I give the cat a dose of Capstar, a flea treatment pill to kill the cuterebra larva (this is an insect, the drug is very safe for the cat, but this is not a labeled use for the drug). We see tiny, thin sickly larva that cause severe fever and lethargy in adult cats, and conversely, huge grubs in tiny kittens. There are approximately 30 species of cuterebra; rabbits and rodents are the natural hosts in our area. Jess Franklin specializes in geriatric medicine, acupuncture, ultrasound and managing chronic disease at Ann Arbor Animal Hospital. This dual texture treat utilizes a crunchy outside texture incorporating pumice and spirulina in each bite to polish away surface stains. The larva is living in a fluid pocket under the skin, and the head of the larva can be noted to poke up to the breathing pore. The cat is then sedated, and the breathing pore is enlarged and larva is removed with hemostats and the wound is flushed.

If the grub is not in a terrible place like the eye socket or nose, the kitten doesn't seem to be as sick as the older cat.
It takes three to six weeks from infection for the newly hatched larva to develop into a fully formed third-stage larva in cats. Usually the cat starts to feel better in one to two days, but the neck area is often slow to heal. The soft inner core of the bite supports plaque penetration with specially formulated Perio Support components.

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