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Christein Sertzel is a multiple certified Master Pet Stylist and multiple certified Canine Massage Therapist and Aromatherapist with over 26 years in the industry.
Well, even if you are skeptical about believing in souls, yet no one is a machine after all!
As a licensed pharmacy, we are required to collect selected health and safety information on your pet.
If you are standing the pup in a tub fill the tub with enough warm water to cover most of the paws but below the top of the foot.
Remember that dogs have many nerve endings in their feel so they are sensitive and vigorous scrubbing isn't necessary. Gently apply and rub well in, a mixture of a few drops of fresh olive oil and pure shea butter into each pad individually especially while they are still lightly damp. If you want to help a cat and a yorkie cohabit, you need to ensure that both receive individual attention. These trainer yorkie videos are very sweet and consider watching them even when you know the art of proper trimming.

This is a good time to lift back the hair from the very bed of each nail and address any red stains and oily saebum at the nail base. You can scent the cream if you like with just a drop or two per ounces of cream with pure essential oils like marigold, myrrh, palmarosa, peppermint, ylang ylang, sandalwood, or of course lavender.
This is important because both of them are actually arguing over who is more close to you than the other. Allow the pup to soak for about 5 to 10 minutes, depending on their tolerance for standing still! Many dogs have reddened hair and staining here from oxidized paw and skin oils that have interacted with enzymes in their saliva, causing a rust color and some odor. Be very careful to study up on the use of essential oils before applying them to any pet for their safety and yours. However, if you have a backyard, and your yorkie likes to dig the earth, you may consider letting it keep the nails. If you suspect your client may have some definite allergies, either contact allergies or internalized allergies, be sure to get the owner's approval and possibly even speak with their Vet before scrubbing or applying topicals to their feet and bodies as this could aggravate the matter for some dogs.

Rub this cream in softly and with a kneading action to get both good penetration and to massage the pet's foot. All owners would admit that talking with their dogs helped them resolve big confusions in their lives.
If the pet seems excessively tender or sensitive of their feet, a foot massage may not work for them, but you can still try the soak, and always apply an emollient after your soaks to help seal in moisture and treat the freshly sloughed and tender skin. In that case, your grooming tasks would include cleaning the nails thoroughly so that there is no dirt or soil stuck inside.
If product dries around the container opening or cap, immerse sealed container in warm water for 15 minutes and shake well.

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