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Hydrocortisone cream can be applied to razor burn to help reduce the redness and irritation.
Bikini line razor burn is a common problem because the skin in this area can be very sensitive and prone to bumps, ingrown hairs, and redness. To prevent razor burn on the bikini line in the first place, it is best to begin by shaving in the shower to soften the skin. In addition, avoid wearing especially tight fitting pants or underwear while the area is healing because the friction could make it worse. I work as a fashion photographer and it is not uncommon for me or a co-worker to get burned - lights, props - anything! I think razor burn heals itself pretty quickly (half a day to a day) if I keep the area dry.
Because I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), I know all sorts of things about hair removal! Shaving with razor often leaves behind razor bumps or razor burns which are basically nothing but a type of skin irritation. Sensitive epidermal region like the bikini line, or underarms usually fall prey to razor burn and it is often caused by blunt edges of razor blade. Herbs For Razor Burn Marigold And Chamomile Easily available in any herb garden Marigold and Chamomile are very effective against razor burns and for various other skin problems. This wash mixture is very effective if you only put Chamomile in it but Marigold accelerates and increases the skin healing power of Chamomile and thus is important if you want faster and better results. Jojoba And Tea Tree Tea tree and Jojoba are very widely used in beauty products for their medicinal and beauty enhancing properties. Mix ? cup golden jojoba oil with one table spoon of tea tree oil and 10-20 drops of antiseptic peppermint essential oil in a clean bottle. Witch Hazel The Witch Hazel is a widely used herb that has extensive healing properties as suggested in many books. The herb is widely available as liquid, stick or herb pad in herb stores, health stores, supermarkets and online shops. Aloe Vera Aloe Vera is widely used in all kinds of skin care products for its skin soothing property; if you have access to Aloe plant, squeeze the gel straight away from its leaves and apply the gel on the razor burns to get immediate results. Lavender Essential oil of lavender flower is also a very good natural remedy for razor burns.
Catnip Catnip has stress reducing and anti-flatulent properties and thus is very useful against razor bumps and can be used to get relief from stress and headaches. Use Actual Shaving Cream And A Sharp RazorObviously, the girl in this stock photo is about to get hella razor burn. The best way to treat this problem is to stop shaving for a few days and apply a gentle moisturizer that contains aloe; some people find that a hydrocortisone cream is also helpful in reducing pain and redness.
Waxing or depilatory creams may also be used to remove hair along the bikini line, and these may be less likely to cause razor burn.
When shaving in the future, some recommend using a shaving oil in addition to shaving cream, as well as exfoliating the skin regularly, which can help to prevent ingrown hairs.
I've found that if I shave my bikini line (or my legs) too often, my skin gets really irritated and I get a ton of razor bumps.

I would never have thought to put deodorant on my bikini line after shaving to prevent razor bumps. Usually I use a product called Tend Skin.
She wears very skimpy outfits when she dances, and the clubs puts a spotlight right on her little stage. And really, the best razor burn treatment is prevention. I've tried pretty much everything. Many safe home remedies are available for curing razor burns and they are equally effective.
A mixture comprising of one teaspoon of chamomile and marigold each with a cupful of lukewarm water is very effective against such inflammatory bumps as suggested by experts.
Many online stores and specialty store or super markets sell Chamomile and Marigold in dried condition. Golden Jojoba oil moisturizes skin; soothes skin cells, regulates sebum production and acts as delivery agent for many essential oils. Stir or shake the mixture well and keep the bottle in a cool dry place; applying this mixture on razor bumps with cotton balls works like magic. Witch hazel oil can be used as an after shave and immediate application of it prevents razor burn effectively as suggested by experts. Aloe Vera gel is also available in millions of stores but avoid buying artificially fragrant and dyed ones. It has soothing effect on the bump as well as the adjacent areas and reduces the skin irritation. If you have, you may or may not have noticed a crop of zit-looking things there and thought, Oh god, I have definitely been afflicted with a very rare armpit-specific disease.
This type of razor burn will typically take a few days to heal, and it is then best to prevent the problem in the future by always using a fresh razor and shaving cream when shaving the bikini line area. If the irritation does occur, it may be painful to apply moisturizer; in this case, hydrocortisone cream is a good choice because it will help to calm irritation and heal the skin at the same time.
However, if I wait a few days between shaving, my skin is fine. I know this might be kind of difficult during the summer, especially if your hair grows back quickly. Regular lotions are not suitable for this I think because they just have too much perfume and irritating ingredients in them. I agree that hydrocortisone ointment is one of the best things to use. Tea tree oil has anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti inflammatory and acne suppressing ability. If you shave your armpits, you probably just have armpit razor burn, which is basically a sort-of-itchy, sort-of-painful rash that can flare up under your armpits after shaving. Take a slightly rough washcloth or a soft loofah and use it to gently exfoliate your ingrown hairs. Rinse the blade regularly while shaving; then, when finished, apply a gentle, fragrance free moisturizing lotion. It will also be necessary to stop shaving for a few days while the skin heals; shaving razor burned skin will be quite painful and will just make the issue worse.
This advice applies when shaving the legs as well; it is far better to prevent razor burn in the first place than to try to treat it later. I went to the beach with my children and experienced the worse sunburn I have ever experienced.

But I think avoiding the pool for a day is worth it to avoid that horrible bikini line razor burn! I actually put on hydrocortisone ointment and an antibiotic ointment together which seems to give faster results. It increases friction and I also have thighs which touch each other while walking. You have no idea the pain I went through when I wore a skirt outside right after a razor burn! They’re usually caused by ingrown hairs, which creates the irritated bump that you see. This is probably the easiest way to prevent razor burn--if you use shaving cream (not just some random bar of soap, which I usually do because I'm lazy) and a sharp razor (you're supposed to switch every two weeks, btw) much of your ingrown hair issues will be prevented, since those are usually caused by ineffective razors. Moisturizers that contain aloe are some of the best choices, because they are soothing and non-irritating to the skin. Apparently she learned the trick from another girl she works with! I've never tried it because I'm not prone to razor burn, but I hope this little trick can help someone else! It's also a good way to prevent infection because sometimes I cut myself while shaving too. Of course, the best way to get rid of razor burn and bumps is to prevent it and using warm water and lots of shaving cream helps.
I could not walk for a couple of days! So for razor bump treatment, I absolutely have to keep the area dry and I've found that baby powder does this pretty well.
Yes, it hurts, and yes, it's embarrassing until you get used to it, but it's definitely the smoothest. I found that I have to leave it on for basically the maximum allowed time (close to 10 minutes) in order to get good results. However, if I happen to run out of this stuff by accident, I'll definitely try the deodorant trick. In a way razor burn is similar to diaper rash, and the rash powders and creams treat the irritation really well and prevent friction. I hate the itch and pain that follows shaving and the bikini line is the worst because my jeans rub up against it when I walk. But since I've started using witch hazel on areas I shave, the pain goes away a lot faster.
I always get waxed if, for instance, I'm going on a beach vacation. If I want to touch up in between, I use an electric shaver.
I don't get super-close results, but it's good enough, and for me personally there is less razor burn.
I do follow witch hazel with some lotion though because it can be a bit drying to the skin if I use it undiluted. So, if you shave in the morning and apply deodorant right after, the antiperspirants in the deodorant get into the tiny cuts created by shaving and create further irritation. This is great if you want to stop sweat, but not so great if you don't want razor burn, since the clogged pores stops the flow of your sweat and causes inflammation. Buy it at Kiss My Face for $3.99Stop ShavingFinally, you can just take the plunge and stop shaving altogether.

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