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We all remember that iconic moment from the 1980s film, Say Anything, when John Cusack stands outside his ex-girlfriend’s window with a comically oversized tape player. Pink eye, or conjunctivitis in dogs, is an ocular health condition in which the conjunctiva becomes inflamed.
In general, you’ll recognize the symptoms of conjunctivitis in dogs when the whites of their eyes become pink or red. In many cases, a saline eye wash or eye drops will help the foreign object to dislodge itself and the follicle to go away.
Evidence that you should always be mindful of your dog’s overall health, purulent conjunctivitis in dogs occurs when serous conjunctivitis, or dry eye, goes untreated.
The fourth and final form of conjunctivitis in dogs is also bacterial in nature, and affects newborn puppies.
Prevention of conjunctivitis in dogs is tricky, because we don’t have much of a say in the operation of our own tear ducts, much less those of our dogs. Regular baths for our dogs, along with making sure their living environments, from floors to couches to dog beds, are clean and tidy, can take care of many potential irritants and smaller foreign objects that can disturb a dog’s eye health. The use of artificial tears is necessary in cases of dry keratoconjunctivitis and recommended in other cases. Eye drops for dogs should always be prescribed by a veterinarian, as many contain corticoids, which are extremely useful in cases of allergic conjunctivitis but extremely harmful in cases where there is ulceration, as these may even perforate the eye.Through a very simple test (fluorescein) the veterinarian will determine the presence or non-presence of ulcers and, along with other diagnostics, provide appropriate treatment. Although it is sometimes overlooked, the use of an Elizabethan collar, also known as bell collar or cone, is crucial in cases of conjunctivitis, to prevent further injury to the eye dog through the dog scratching with its paws.
The question how to Treat Conjunctivitis on Guinea Pigs has been asked 938 times by our users. Guinea pigs may develop mild to severe conjunctivitis, with conjunctival hyperemia, chemosis, and mucopurulent ocular discharge. Castrol oil, honey and Colloidal silver are used as the natural eye drops to cure pink eyes. Experts suggest that aroma oil is very effective in fighting the infection caused in the eye.Use aroma oil in the form of drops twice or thrice daily to cure conjunctivitis or pink eye.
He holds it aloft and the strains of Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” echo through the scene and our collective cultural memory. The eyelids can become swollen, and the eyes may present a discharge that can range from clear and watery to greenish with pus. Follicular conjunctivitis in dogs occurs when a foreign object or irritant gets under a dog’s eyelid.
In especially poor sanitary conditions, a dog with serous conjunctivitis can be exposed to bacteria like staph or strep.

As we know, the eyes of baby puppies don’t open for the first couple of weeks of life.
Nor do we have any real control over allergens or occasional irritants that can cause the mild and common occurrence of serous conjunctivitis in dogs.
Limit a dog’s exposure to smoke, whether from candles, incense, tobacco, or other sources. The most common causes of this eye condition in dogs are allergies, inadequate tear duct production - a disease known as drying keratoconjunctivitis, foreign bodies accidentally introduced into the eye and ulcers which are generally caused by trauma.
Obviously, if there is no problem you don't need to clean your dog's eyes every day, but it is suitable as part of treatment of these infections and when we detect the presence of gummy eyes.As a general rule, we recommend cleaning dog's eyes with artificial tears rather than with saline or chamomile.
We invite you to take your pet to a vet if it has any type of condition or discomfort.If you'd like to read similar articles to how to treat conjunctivitis in a dog,we recommend you try our Dog diseases & medicine category.
The castrol oil have a very good cooling property thus when applied as the eye drops is a very good remedy for pink eye.
Place the tea bags in the eyes for 10 to 15 minutes.The Bioflavonoids present in the tea is good for pink eye treatment.
This is a natural home remedy for pink eye problems.I request you try out these simple home remedies to relieve fro conjunctivitis or pink eye problems.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Did you know that when dogs get pink eye, in many cases, it’s because something has gotten in their eyes?
Conjunctiva is a kind of lining that covers the white part of the eyeball, as well as the inside of the eyelid and the nictitating membrane, also known as the third eyelid. The follicle may remain, and the rough surface formed continues to irritate the eyelid, the nictitating membrane, and the eye itself. Causes of this sort of conjunctivitis in dogs include relentlessly cold or dry weather, dust, smoke, allergens, or other irritants.
If the whelping box, or their immediate surroundings for those first couple of weeks, aren’t carefully tended to and cleaned regularly, the presence of bacteria can cause neonatal conjunctivitis.
Regular and consistent hygiene, on the other hand, we can and should concern ourselves with. It only takes a moment, and the earlier you can catch the symptoms of conjunctivitis in dogs, the quicker you can get them addressed. Clean water is a good choice if you need it right away or if artificial tears are not available. Colloidal silver is available in the form of a spray and can be applied in the eyes for two times a day and you will get a good relief from pink eyes within six hours.Honey can also be used as eye drops to get rid of bacterial infections.

The tannic acid composed in green tea and black tea highly reduces the irritation caused by the pink eye infection. If the irritation persists for more than three days it is highly recommended that you consult your doctor.
Conjunctiva keeps eyes lubricated and protects them, for the most part, against the elements and foreign objects. There are three distinct varieties of conjunctivitis in dogs, as well as a fourth that affects newborn puppies right around the time their eyes are opening on the world for the first time.
That follicle’s rough surface irritates the conjunctiva, leading the eye to become pink or red, and the eyelid to become swollen. Question A few days ago we noticed that my guinea pig's eye was starting to have a cloudy look it. This infection mainly affects the area between the outer membrane of the eyes and the inner layer of the eyelids.Sometimes there may be a swelling in the eyelids. You can also add boric acid to warm water and allow it to cool and apply it twice or thrice daily. We’re going to give you a brief overview of each kind of conjunctivitis in dogs, what causes them, and how to minimize the risk of pink eye.
The dog’s eyes may produce more tears than normal, and the dog may paw at her face, signalling irritation. This kind of conjunctivitis in dogs can be usually be resolved with saline eye wash or eye drops. The eye turns red in color and hence the name pink eye.There will be a large amount of discharge of water from the eyes. Baking soda can also be added with water and used as a cleaning solution.Do not rub your eyes with the hands as hands are the good conductors of germs. If the discharge is thick then the eye infection is caused by bacteria on the other hand if the discharge is watery then the eye infection is caused by virus.There may be an unbearable irritation in the eye followed by the pain in the eye.
Its capable of easily transmittable from one person to another when the infected person comes in contact with you.There are many effective home remedies for Conjunctivitis.

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