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These types of allergic skin rashes occur when you come into contact with the dander, hair and sometimes saliva of the cat or dog. When bitten or scratched by a cat that carries Baprtonella henselae bacteria, you may develop cat scratch disease (cat scratch fever) which presents a skin rash as a symptom. Seek treatment for any pet-related skin rash immediately, to avoid contaminating others if you are contagious.
Are you wondering whether those bites you found on your hands and feet are from bed bugs or fleas?
Have you ever gotten out of bed wondering if that red, itchy spot on your legwas froma flea or bed bug? In rare cases, individuals will have an allergic reaction to the flea bite that can result in difficulty breathing, chest pain, and hives. As soon as you identify the bite, clean the area with soap and water and pat the area dry using a clean towel. Place a cold compress over the affected area, several times a day, to decrease the amount of swelling and inflammation. To control fleas, treat all carpeted areas and pet bedding with flea insecticide sprays, foggers, or powders.
If you prefer to treat fleas naturally, begin by washing all clothing, bedding, and pet bedding in hot water.
Bed bugs are small, non-flying insects that obtain nourishment from the blood they remove from humans or animals.
Most often an infestation of bed bugs will require a pest-control expert because bed bugs are highly adaptable pests that can live for up to a year without feeding. You can try to spray or dust insecticides to remove bed bugs from your home but these products must be applied to all areas where bed bugs congregate including cracks in the furniture, holes in the walls, and other crevices found throughout the residence.Since it is virtually impossible to remove all bed bugs from a bed or mattress you will need to discard all mattresses and bedding infected with bed bugs.
So the next time you wake up with a red, itchy bite on your leg there are some clues to help you determine whether the bite was from a flea or bed bug. More commonly found on the ankles, armpits, waist, bends of knees, and elbows but can be anywhere on the body.
Because of the sheer size of our forum, we've been forced to limit selling and trading to members who've met a couple of criteria. Much has been written on the topic of stress & disease, below is summary to help guide you throughout External Parasites prevention and identification.
Fresh water dips for saltwater fish and saltwater dips for fresh water fish will dislodge some external parasites. Now when you see a fish that has Black edges on the fish some of the times this is do to the ammonia burning the fish and is in the healing end of it. Do daily water changes to reduce ammonia levels to 1-2 ppm for freshwater or below 1 ppm for saltwater.
The key to avoiding fish death from ammonia poisoning is to not let the ammonia build up in the first place. Anchor worms are parasites that infect fish and one of the main problems with them is that they increase the risk of attracting other diseases.
The wound caused by the crustaceans often gets infected which is one of the main reason this disease can invite so many other diseases to infect the sick fish.
Really the only way to get this is to bring it in from somewhere else, Local Fish Stores that are infected.
Grayish white marks or patches on the body of the fish or around its mouth are the first obvious signs of Columnaris.
Gill disease make the fish appear to be swimming in a great hurry, but it does not move at all.
Dropsy is not very contagious; however, Fish usually die from this, but in some cases where the problem is due to bacteria, if detected early enough, it can be treated.
The disease is caused by a protozoan parasite (Gold or rust disease), and may be triggered by exposure to ammonia and nitrite, or excessive nitrate levels.
This parasite is a microscopic dinoflagellate (two little "whip like organs" or flagella used to propel the parasite through the water).
As Velvet is highly contagious it is important to eradicate this problem as soon as possible. These are few on top of my mind, if i missed something or there is some other disease or parasites that someone wants to know about please feel free to post. Sorry to the OP, your heart was in the right place, but the information is useless for saltwater fish.
Dog Teeth Chattering; Why do Dogs Chatter their Teeth while Shivering, when Old, after licking and Smelling?
While a dog scratching ears occasionally is normal, intensively itchy ears are irritating for any pet. To deal with the scratching in the best way, it is important to first understand what the cause of puppy or dog itchy ears is. Just like with yeast infections, bacterial infections are mostly secondary effects of allergic reactions. Apart from the parasites discussed above, external parasites could also be a cause of dog ear scratching.
They will affect different parts of the ear with the part behind the ears being most vulnerable to ticks. Fleas are especially known to cause a lot of itching in dogs and some pets may even have allergic reactions to them. It is also possible for you to leave some bits of paper towels or cotton swabs during ear cleaning sessions or for them to get bits of their toys into their ears. Puppies are delicate and when they scratch it can be indicative of infectious or non-infectious conditions.
Since it might be hard to tell if your puppy scratching is as a result of developing infection and if so what the cause might be, always have him checked as soon as you notice constant excessive scratching. To protect your dog from wax buildup and save him from potential itch, clean their ears at least once in a week.
Some pets require a regular ear cleaning procedure carried out to protect their ears while others may get away with no cleaning. If despite taking these steps dog scratching ears is still unstoppable, try the following home remedies. When the cause of ear itch is allergies, you will probably notice an itch that comes and goes. Where you are certain that your dog’s itchy ears are caused by ear mites, settle for products containing selamectin. Vinegar contains antiseptic properties which allow it to effectively fight bacterial and yeast infections in dog ears. When a dog has a foreign object, it develops sudden itching and will end to tilt his head on the affected side.

At times, the home treatments and preventive measures for dog scratching ears episodes may not be enough.
In case your choice of home treatment does not seem to work on the constant itching and your dog seems to continuously scratch with no improvements, it is best to take him to the hospital.
Where right from the onset of puppy or dog ear scratching your dog also cries, howls and whines, it is probable that he is in pain. Treatment includes oral allergy medication to treat the allergy, and topical medication to treat the rash itself. Ticks may carry bacteria that cause this disease, and if the tick bites you, you'll get infected.
Also, contact your veterinarian to see if your pet needs treatment for the condition as well. Although it can be difficult to distinguish between flea bites and bed bug bites there are some clues that will help you distinguish between the two. The most important part in managing flea bites is being able to resist the urge to scratch the bite. To do this, pet owners need to treat all pets with flea shampoo or flea spot on treatment liquids.
Since flea eggs can live for weeks inside the home or pet bedding, a second treatment is often needed.
Then dry the materials in the dryer on high heat to help remove the pests and kill the eggs.
Although bed bugs can live in furniture and upholstery, they prefer to congregate in beds and bed frames where they feed at night. However, if the bites itch, youcan treat them with topical steroid creams or oral antihistamines.
These experts can help prevent future bed bug infestations by filling in cracks in the tile, hardwood floors, and crown moldings and enclosing all mattresses with protective bags. Sometimes, serious reaction can also occur when bitted by certain insects which can be life threatening, and proper insect bite identifications may be important to help you deal with this condition. I personally thank everyone here at RC and respective authors of websites from where i was able to gather this information to help everyone. Length of dips will vary per species; usually three-five minute dips will suffice, remove fish if they go into extreme distress. Ammonia irritates the fish by burning there gills and scales and sometimes the scales even fall off. The anchor worms can cause serious damage to a fish and can eventual kill the fish themselves, but anchor worms are only seldom the cause of death in fish with anchor worm since the damage weakens the fish and opens it up for other diseases that end up killing the fish. These crustaceans start out their life as free swimming and find a fish to burrow their way into.
The long time the crustaceans spend in the fish also makes it hard to know where this disease was introduced from and if it has been cured. Because the bacteria thrive on organic wastes, it can be controlled by regular water changes and vacuuming of the gravel.
The fins flap very fast, and the fish gasp for breath at the surface, or lie listless at the bottom. There are a number of medications available such as penicillin, tetracycline and naladixic acid. Treatment is aimed at the free swimming stage and there are good cures available from your local freshwater aquarium fish store.
It is caused by an algae that feeds on the slime coat of the betta, as well as other bodily fluids.
This will help in adopting the best form of itch management, may it be topical treatments or otherwise. This form of scratching may result from allergens that have been inhaled or absorbed leading to the dog’s immune system fighting the same.
This though is not always the case and at times there are just the right environmental conditions for them to thrive even where there no allergens are present.
They infest both the horizontal and vertical canals and are known to cause great irritation which makes the ears of the host pet very itchy.
It may be accompanied by vigorous dog ear scratching, shaking of the head as well as pawing. This will help to avert any ear problems from advancing and more so protect your puppy from impending hearing loss.
In case you notice some redness, any kind of discharge or anything out of the ordinary, have your dog checked by the veterinarian.
The histamine will act as a mediator of the inflammation and works by blocking the trigger of the inflammation. They work by inhibiting the acceleration of chemicals responsible for inflammation in the body.
Their long term use can cause skin thinning as the steroid inhibits production of cells responsible for structural fiber. Signs of toxic effects include vomiting, nausea and paralysis and seizures in severe cases. These have been known to show effect on elimination of ear mites and other parasites found around and in the ear. Like discussed above, to help your always scratching dog get relief, you have to know what the cause is. Before we examine the differences between the two bites it is important that we start by taking a separate look at each bite.
However there are some clues these pests leave behind to help identify the origin of the bite. Bed bugs bites are commonly found on the hands, neck, face, and arms because these areas are more likely to be exposed during sleep. A course of oral antibiotics may beprescribedto treat an infection that develops at the bed bug site. Making sure the water is very good before dumping various chemicals into the tank is always best.
While general anti-parasite treatments are effective with most parasites, they do not treat all parasites. Check for presence of ammonia and variation in pH (test kits are easily available) at least once a month.Practice regular fresh water changing, make sure the temperature and pH level is similar and not to more than 50% of the water at one time. In addition to or instead of changing water, you can also add a dose of something like AmQuel, but I prefer the water change method.
The symptoms of anchor worms include the fish scratching themselves against everything in the tank and white green threads hanging out with inflamed centres on the body of the fish. If you decide to treat your entire tank you should add 2 mg potassium permanganate to every litre of aquarium water in your tank.

Tweezers work well for removing the anchor worms, try to grip them as close to the wound as possible. Also remember to use any and all precautions necessary to protect you and your fishy friends when working with harmful chemicals.
I have heard of, the only treatment specifically designed for this ailment is Eye Fungex by Aquatronics.
Proper diet and maintaining good water quality in general will keep the fish from being stressed and therefore susceptible to infection.
The fish may try to rub itself against the decor or the hard surfaces in the aquarium, giving an impression of scratching an itch. These carriers shed the parasite into a new aquarium and expose other fish to it who may not have a natural immunity and thus become infected. Sometimes it's not contageous, but sick fish should be isolated and treated since determining the actual cause may be impossible.
Initially it appears as small white dots (similar to ich) but is much finer giving it a "velvet" appearance.
There are effective commercially available remedies, including Waterlife Protozin (UK and elsewhere), and Maracide by Mardel Labs (US and elsewhere). When you observe a dog scratching ears consistently, it is likely that he is experiencing an ear problem.
In some cases where it is left unchecked, the pet will scratch too much, shake their head and may leave raw skin from the scratching. Individual dogs have different reactions to different triggers and therefore something that leads to one dog scratching ears may not have the same effect on another.
With the presence of these organisms, there is greater inflammation leading to an ongoing cycle of itchy ears until the allergens are eliminated or the reaction suppressed.
This may be caused by environmental factors, nutritive deficiency and products used in grooming them. With their immune system having not fully developed, these young pets require extra attention to protect them from health hazards. To administer the right remedy though, you need to examine your dog and decipher what the cause of the itch is. You can settle for creams in case your dog has inflamed ear flap and to soother the base of the ear as well.
Since bacteria and yeast thrive most in alkaline environments, the change hinders their growth. You may ask your veterinarian for prescription on the same so they can give you instructions on how frequently to use them as well as duration of time for which they should be used. The bumps appear on the skin as flat, small, or raised areas that can become inflamed, itchy, red, or blister.
Sometimes, for various reasons such as under-dosing, water chemistry, organic pollution or green water, treatments do not work. However, it can also occur in an established tank when too many new fish have been added at one time, when the filter fails due to power or mechanical failure, or if bacterial colonies die off due to the use of medications or sudden change in water conditions. When they have buried themselves into the fish they move themselves into the muscles where they live for several months while developing.
Periodically dunk the fish into the bucket of water to let him get a few breaths before continuing.
Providing a balanced diet with food that is fresh (commercial food less than 6 months old) can help prevent cataracts. The fins of the fish may show signs of deterioration, the gills get affected and slowly sores start appearing on the body. In freshwater, this disease is caused by protozoa named Ichthyophthirius Multifilis and is very contagious.
The swelling is because the fish is absorbing water faster than it can eliminate it, and it can be caused by many different problems.
Eventually the swelling will cause the scales to raise, giving the fish what is called the "pine-cone" appearance. Foxtails, grass pollen and grass awns are some of the things that could cause itching in dog ears.
Below are some pointers that you should visit a vet for further analyses on a dog scratching ears.
A bite with two puncture marks is most likely from an ant or spider; whereas, a bite with one puncture mark in the center of the bite is most likely from a flea.
It is extremely important that you empty the vacuum bag and remove the vacuum bag from your home to avoid reinfestation.
They then make their way out of the fish, a process that often leaves ugly wounds, and releases their eggs before dying. During a later stage the fish can hold its fins very close to the body and not spreading them. The parasite spends a part of its life within the skin of the fish, where they form the white spots. However, all parasites have tremendous reproductive potential and can, under ideal conditions, quickly overwhelm fish in the confines of a tank or pond.
Columnaris disease is caused by bacteria, and is mostly a direct result of poor water quality.
Frequent water changes, conditioning and dechlorinating the water to ensure its quality are steps to take to threat and prevent gill disease. A variety of medications can be purchased that treat dropsy, which sometimes occurs due to an internal bacterial problem.
Below we explore various causes of dog and puppy ear scratching and their respective remedies. Sometimes, the shock of being introduced to the new aquarium leads to Columnaris disease in newly imported fish.
Once the cysts mature they fall down to the substrate and give rise to thousands of new free-swimming parasites that are free to prey upon other fish.
If there are no water quality problems, you may want to attempt antibiotic treatment in a separate tank.
Anti-bacterial medications will be enough if the disease is discovered and treated at its early stages.
The disease will however invade the internal organs during the later stages and antibiotics are then required to cure it.

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