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Today is the 4th Day since this Burn Injury Happened with me on Sunday The Morning Of Holi festival .
I washed My wrist immediately with Running tap water, than took some Ice cubes from the refrigerator and gently rubbed on the Affected skin. All those marks are still there on hand but they faded gradually by treating them with natural remedies, I used regular applications of coconut oil, 100% pure virgin coconut oil to fade the marks, and It works wonders with time.I also used tender coconut water to fade burn skin marks.
Day 1 So This is how the Burn looked immediately after accident , I applied Silverex cream (which I borrowed from my Indian Orissa neighbors ) immediately as I couldn't find my antiseptics in panic!! I was about to click pic but before that I had to carry my baby as he needed feed and than while transferring him from my arm to my husbands arm this Thing Popped off completely..

So I washed it with running tap water it was a bit of relief but than I had to apply some medication to avoid the infection that may occur so I applied Boroline the antiseptic cream. PS: My burn is second degree burn so I am not currently rushing to a ER as I will see if the natural remedy of coconut oil will help to heal also I will be using the Boroline and Silverex cream . Some of the products I have shows in the pics below but you need to watch the entire video, as videos are more fun :) to know all my shopped stuff .
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I was making breakfast Indian Aaloo kachori  and while I got distracted by baby crying I put the kachori In Hot Oil in hurry and the Hot Oil just jumped out of the Frying Pan on my wrist !

I even tried the Colgate paste as it was burning a lot and Colgate paste gives the cooling effect  . I had tetanus injection last year in India before my delivery so I am not worrying about that for now. I also applied coconut oil again as this burn skin needs regular application sadly its on my wrist on right hand so it gets wiped when I do something or carry my 10 Months baby boy in my arms .

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