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The onset of rheumatoid arthritis may in part be mediated by gut bacteria, according to a US study that for the first time identifies a link to a specific bacterial species.
I believe that a large number of diseases have an underlying microbial cause that most people are not aware of.
These microbes can deplete nutrient levels and can activate the immune system and produce chronic, systemic inflammation which, in turn, can generate disease. Identifying the microbial species; using targeted, evidence-based naturopathic treatments to eliminate the pathogens and altering the internal environment to make it ‘unfriendly’ to harmful microbes can produce miraculous results for a large number of health problems in many circumstances.
See your Naturopathic Physician or doctor for specialized care in the treatment of chronic health disorders.
After their mainstream introduction in 1945, antibiotics proved to be one of the cornerstones of modern medicine. Though hoped to be a final end to infection and bacteria, antibiotics were never destined to last. Though the situation is nearing crisis level,* new breakthroughs are being made in the field of biology.
Due to their extreme abundance (10 million are in a millilitre of seawater), genetic engineering is not required either. At present, most research into phage therapy is focussed on the treatment of animals for agriculture, but success in that area could encourage new policies and regulations allowing its widespread use in human health.

Slightly further into the future, the emergence of medical nanobots - microscopic machines programmed to travel inside the body - may replace phage therapy itself. MRI scanners are so bulky that they fill entire rooms.* Scans typically require 30 minutes to create. Using DNA analysis to compare gut microbiota in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients and healthy people, researchers from NYU School of Medicine found RA patients with new onset disease had an overabundance of a bacterium known as Prevotella copri. Chronic yeast infections, pathogenic bacterial species, certain latent viral forms and parasitic microbes can all play a role in the initiation and progression of a large number of diseases such as autoimmune diseases, some forms of cancer, heart disease, and other serious diseases.
Through the gradual process of evolution, bacteria over the years developed resistance to treatments, necessitating the continual creation of new formulas. As the supply of effective antibiotics becomes exhausted, a global public health disaster appears to be looming. Treatments can be made with a cocktail of the appropriate phages, taken in pill or liquid form. This method, it is hoped, may succeed in replacing antibiotics in many instances, enabling a wide variety of medical procedures to continue as before. This graph is based on the latest data from the National Cancer Institute, with 2008 being the most recent year available for five-year survival rates. They were co-discovered by Frederick Twort and Félix d'Herelle between 1915 and 1917.

What were once life-threatening conditions became routinely curable, while entirely new medical procedures were made possible.
While always pushing the danger back temporarily, each successive generation of antibiotics created a more resistant and hardy population of bacteria. Alongside this, poor financial investment in antibiotics research has only exacerbated the situation. Although they remained part of medical practice in the former Soviet republic of Georgia, research on them was largely abandoned in the West.
The misuse of antibiotics, not being prescribed properly or used too frequently and for too long, made the problem even worse. Major pharmaceutical companies are losing interest in the antibiotics market, because these drugs are not as profitable as those for treating chronic (long-term) conditions and lifestyle issues.
Upon locating and landing on a bacterium, this DNA is injected like a mosquito bite, where it then starts to reproduce itself. Soon, the bacterium is teeming with new phages that burst forth, destroying the bacterium from within.

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