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Natural antibiotics are a group of various substances of natural origin that have anti-bacterial properties. Some of the best-known natural antibiotics include garlic, vitamin C, colloidal silver, and citricidal. Vitamin C has been used in high doses as a natural antibiotic to treat a number of kinds of infections, including Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). While there is much anecdotal evidence, and some scientific research, to support the use and efficacy of natural antibiotics, as a field of study this area tends to be neglected when compared with the amount of research that is performed on pharmaceutical antibiotics.
Natural antibiotic remedies, it should be noted, are totally different from synthetic antibiotic medications. Side effects- do not take if you have autoimmune disease or are allergic to any of the daisy family. At the current time, alcohol with antibiotics is one of the things most doctors and pharmacists advise you not to do. Without the antibiotics, we would not be able to heal many diseases, but recently people talk more about the beneficial effects of the healing plants and the natural substances, and some of them are even called natural antibiotics. The side effects of the synthetic antibiotics are not harmless at all, but before we make any conclusions, let’s remind ourselves where do antibiotics come from and how they act. The medicine will remember the year of 1928 as the year of the discovery of antibiotics, because the medicine underwent drastic changes since then.
Let’s remeber tuberculosis, that today is almost completely harmless due to the antibiotics, if it even exists. The human body is home to about a million good bacteria, in the throat, the nose and the mouth, there are about 50 billion, and their task is to protect us from infections. When you take antibiotics too often, it leads to chronic defensive weaknesses of the organism and greater possibilities of infection by bacteria, viruses and fungi. In this strange times, a time of crisis, unhealthy relationships between people, people turn towards the nature and look for its peace.
Many of the healing plants are at your reach, we use some of them as spices and in the preparation of dishes – garlic, marjoram, thyme and many others. It is recommended in case of inflammation of the urinary tract and bladder, for cleansing and strengthening of the blood, to stop the bleeding, to improve circulation, for easier breathing, against chronic bronchitis, cough, catarrh of the lungs. You should be cautious in case of kidney inflammation, you must not use the blueberries for healing because they could cause bleeding and protein in the urine. You should fill the bottle with blueberries, pour the olive oil and leave it in the sun or a warm place for 4-6 weeks, then strain it and keep it in a dark place.
Due to the high proportion of polyphenols, the cranberries have long been used in the treatment of internal infections. In the natural medicine it is used for its anti-microbial properties, but also as a repellent for the insects. The garlic is recommended for the treatment of bronchitis, colds, cough, increased body temperature, sore throat, as well as in infections. This gentle flower has antibacterial effects and relieves inflammation, soothes and relaxes. The chamomile is recommended to alleviate acute inflammation of the lining of the stomach and intestines, diarrhea and gastritis, for rinsing of the sore throat and the oral mucosa, for inhalation in case of coughing and inflammation of the nasal cavity.
It doesn’t matter if it is red or yellow, it stimulates the secretion of the urine, the digestion and appetite, reduces the blood sugar level, stimulates the mucus discharge, it has anti-allergic, antiseptic effect and prevents infections. Take one kilogram of chopped onions, half a kilogram of honey, and if it is necessary, added a little water. It is very important to note that probiotics are different from the ordinary yogurt because they have higher concentration of probiotic bacteria.

During the fermentation process, those bacteria convert the milk sugar lactose into lactic acid which gives the specific taste and consistency of the product. The probiotics have the effect of natural antibiotics since they prevent the growth of various bacteria, and they are especially effective against the fungus Candida albicans. It’s recommended in the treatment of infections of the upper respiratory tract and the oral cavity, ear infections, sinus infections, for prevention of complications of the bronchial and lung diseases, diseases of the teeth and mouth, for diseases of the cardiovascular and circulatory system, to protect the liver, for tissue regeneration, for healing wounds, against fatigue and flu. AboutFor Health Benefits is informational and learning website, created of enthusiasts focused on healthy life and wellness. A common use of silver is in water filters, which are often impregnated with silver to retard the growth of bacteria.
It was first identified as a natural antibiotic by Dr Louis Parish in 1976, who found that it inhibited the growth not only of bacteria but also of a number of fungal and viral agents. This is usually considered to be because natural substances cannot be patented in the same way as artificially manufactured drugs. Direct contact with the back of the throat with a tincture of ecinacea is a great remedy for strep throat. Echinacea has a long history of being effective against all kind of venomous stings and bites, from bees to scorpions.
Echinacea is good for this because of its proven ability to stimulate the white blood cell count.
Today, people use antibiotics as candies, and many experts warn it is not recommended to treat some infections with antibiotics.
The effectiveness of the penicillin and the chemical antibiotics that were developed have entirely convinced the world of medicine that the diseases which could not be treated until than, can be completely eradicated now. However, the use of antibiotics which was previously approached lightly, should not be that easy today. By taking antibiotics we disturb the balance of the body as such, and it is manifested by the growth of fungi in the intestines and the vagina, and in some cases the antibiotics directly prevent the immune response of our body by slowing down the body’s reaction and the activity of the white blood cells. When you take an antibiotic with wide spectrum of effects, it destroys our ecological system and makes us very vulnerable to infections. Also, the antibiotics may contribute to the fact that it is more difficult for the nutrients to be absorbed in the intestines, and this applies to vitamin B complex, vitamin A, zinc and magnesium. In addition, they remember the treatments with healing herbs and other natural ingredients. We can also get natural antibiotics from the legumes, ferns, algae, fungi and some bacteria, those that make the milk, the cabbage or the vinegar sour. The blueberry reaches those parts of our bodies that cannot be reached even by antibiotics. In this way, the healing essential oil is extracted from the berries and you will get an excellent remedy against pulmonary catarrh and cough. Its antioxidants have successful effects in the prevention from various diseases, eliminating the causes for the deseases of the wall of the digestive tract and the internal organs. According to some scientific research, the cinnamon oil can neutralize even the bacteria that cause typhus. The garlic acts on the Helicobacter pylori, a bacterium that can cause stomach ulcers and stimulate the creation of tumors in the stomach.
The anti-inflammatory power of the chamomile is close to the one of the cortisone, but the use must be longterm. For external use, it is recommended for wounds that heal badly, as well as for all forms of inflammatory diseases. It is recommended for lowering of the high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels, prevents arteriosclerosis, and helps with bronchitis and asthma.

It is used in the treatment of colds, cough, asthma, bronchitis, flu, sinusitis, inflamation of the larynx and the throat, as well as in cystitis. The marjoram has two to three times stronger antioxidant effects than other herbs, it is effective in the fight against the free radicals, which is extremely important in the healing of many diseases, especially cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
Therefore, the yogurt is more easily digestible than the milk and it is recommended to the people who have deficiency of lactase, the enzyme that cleaves the milk sugar lactose, and at the same time the proteins in the yogurt change their structure, and they are easier to digest. The probiotics are recommended to strengthen the defense system, for problems with the digestion due to improper and irregular diet, stress, exhausting diet, for relieving intestinal problems like diarrhea, bloating, cramps, constipation, for stomach problems like gastritis, ulcer, inflammation of the urogenital tract, especially if they last for a long time and are often repeated, for problems with the intestinal flora and after therapy with synthetic antibiotics. As a natural antibiotic the propolis acts only on pathogenic bacteria and does not destroy the saprophytic flora of the body. Scientific studies show that the royal jelly helps in the reducing of some malignant diseases like leukemia.
Many alternative medicine practitioners, and some doctors, consider natural alternatives to antibiotics important, mainly because the use of natural antibiotics provides an alternative to the use of traditional chemical antibiotics, which may encourage the proliferation of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The anti-bacterial properties of vitamin C are probably due to its function in the production of white blood cells, which attack bacteria in the blood.
Some research suggests that the anti-bacterial properties of silver are due to its ability to disrupt the enzyme systems of many types of bacteria. As the profit potential of natural antibiotics is generally less than that of pharmaceutical antibiotics, less money tends to be spent on researching their effects. It actively stimulates the saliva and numbs the tissue it comes in contact with, making it perfect for this condition or any sore throat. If you want to get well, it is important to incorporate a homeopathic doctor with your western medical doctors. Because of their popularity, they were prescribed for everything, even when they should not have, and this caused the bacteria to become resistant.
In the pharmacy of mother nature there are a lot of healing plants suitable for the prevention and treatment of many diseases. According to the latest research, the natural cranberry extract acts as an antibiotic for infections, with no danger of developing resistance of the organism to the medicine or occurrence of fungi, which are often the consequence of taking antibiotics. The regular consumption of the fresh garlic can successfully fight against bacterial and viral diseases, especially the flu.
The marjoram is recommended for coughing, cramps, sinusitis, sore throat, ear infections, colds, viruses, flu, long-term problems with the nose, for inflammation of the urinary bladder.
This tea is used in the treatment of hay fever, colds and inflammation of the nasal cavity. They contain many important ingredients such as vitamin B complex, vitamin C, folic acid, enzymes, proteins, calcium, even though we know that the yogurt is a product that has beneficial effect on the body, most of the positive effects of the yogurt come from the presence of live bacteria. It is recommended for fatigue, to strengthen the defense capabilities of the organism, to improve the function of the endocrine glands, to strengthen the blood as well as to slow down the aging process.
This is a problem because it helps add to the new, more resistant strains that you bring up; it also is a problem because over-consumption of antibiotics can affect people's immune systems as well. This successfully breaks up the mucus in the respiratory track and makes the coughing easier.
In case of colds during the winter, you should take one tablespoon of it on every hour, and this syrup can also prevent you from the disease. You should rinse your nose inside and out, soak cotton ball in it and put it in the nose, and on the nose put a cloth soaked in the tea.

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