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Suffering from headache and pain around nose, cheeks and teeth? All these are the potential symptoms of sinus infection. Below I list some of the home remedies that offer imminent relief in case  of sinus infection. Essential oils as eucalyptus and thyme offer relief from sinus infection when used regularly. This might surprise you but adding spices to your diet will help you get relief from sinus infection.
Massaging with essential oils including eucalyptus oil is a great cure for sinus infection. If you have a problem of sinusitis, you have to be careful at the time of changing seasons. Our natural Sinus Oil has been designed to help relieve congestion, reduce painful sinus swelling and eliminate the headaches associated with chronic sinus & nasal problems. Its unique formula offers exceptional relief for most sinus disorders, including upper respiratory conditions, colds and sinusitis.
Usage- The bottle has a insert in the top meaning the oil comes out in single drops; simply place a few drops in the palm of hand and using a finger smear 1 teardrop under each eye along the sinus tract (down each side of the nose).
The bones around the eyes, nose and the cheeks are lined with membranes that produce mucous.
At times the sinus becomes infected and the mucous becomes clogged and unable to drain properly. Prescription antibiotics are commonly used to treat a sinus infection but more often than not, you can use some natural cures and home remedies to get the much needed relief.
A hot shower may help to give relief from a pounding headache that can be worsened with a sinus infection.

On the other hand you should be eating plenty of soft foods like porridge, oats, soups and broths all of which help to cure the infection and make you feel better in the long run. Using a humidifier in the room and staying away from cigarette smoke and pollution can also help.
Before these symptoms manifest into a serious  complication, it’s  time to try some home remedies so as to avoid unnecessary trip to the hospital. Inhale the same or take a pinch of chilli pepper with some water. Capsacin present in the chilli pepper is a natural decongestant and will help you recover from sinus related infection. Regular use of onion and garlic will help you get imminent relief from sinus infection thus helping recover faster.
In addition, this solution has also proved particularly popular with frequent air travellers seeking to eradicate painful altitude attacks during air flights.
Take another teardrop and rub across the forehead, just above the eyebrows and dab behind ears if required.
A sinus infection can occur due to a number of reasons like allergies to dairy products, smoking, pollution, an acute flu or a dental infection. Use of  this mixture regularly cures one of sinus infection and also prevents the infection from returning back. Apple cider vinegar needs to be taken several times a day to get imminent relief from sinus infection.
This product is made with a blend of natural oils reputed to help cleanse blocked sinuses, eradicate sinus pain provide fast relief from blocked sinuses, provide congestion relief, help thin mucous and drain sinuses and promote healing and avoid infection. This technique should ensure the formula goes directly to the sinuses in order to rapidly clear them. Regular use of spices in your food will make your immune system strong enough to deal with sinus infection related problems. These spaces are, usually, filled with air.If, for any reason, these spaces get blocked by fluid, you face what is known as a sinus congestion.

You can add garlic and pepper to your soups and broths to help tackle flu or a cold that is causing the sinus infection.
Repeat the process regularly before going to bed for a week and you are sure to get relief.
Try the above listed home remedies and you will not need to see the doctor for sinus infection related problems. In case of a sinus congestion, your nasal passage gets blocked by an infection and it becomes difficult to breath properly.Before discussing the remedies for sinus congestion relief, you should know the reasons of this irritation.
Follow the above listed therapies regularly whenever you suffer from sinus infection and you will have permanent relief from the problem.
Besides, the pollution, blockage in air passage due to nasal polyp, bad habits like smoking, any kind of allergies, weak immunity, etc, Can also be the major reasons for this congestion.Yes, you can go for medications.
But, there are some home remedies for sinus congestion relief as well that you can use easily.
As winter season aggravates the problem, you can use these home remedies for a sinus congestion relief. The capsaicin in this pepper prevents further formation of mucus in the nose and reduces the remaining mucus effectively.
Drink 8 glasses of water to be safe from dehydration, and it will also loosen the mucus from your throat and nose.
Thus, you can stop the recurrent activities of the bacteria that is causing the sinus trouble.

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