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Mouth ulcer often turns out to be a recurring problem for some people while for others, it can happen only once in a while. The ulcers in mouth can cause discomfort and pain for you while you are drinking or eating.
Even the most persistent mouth ulcers can be relieved quite effectively just by chewing a few catechu leaves mixed with at least 2-3 guava leaves. In fact, catechu can cure your problem almost immediately through another remedy, which requires you to first prepare a fine paste by mixing white catechu with lemon peel.
Simple gargling with water of adulsa can also prove to be very effective in relieving the itchiness and pain caused by this ulcer condition in mouth. The use of baking soda is very popular when it comes to relieving the symptoms of mouth ulcers.

Another great natural treatment to get instant relief from mouth ulcer is to rub a cotton swab sipped in the peppermint oil directly on the affected areas. While you are using the above home remedies for mouth ulcer, you must also try to get a adequate amount of sleep.
You are also advised to be very careful about what you are eating.There are certain foods that you just avoid because they can otherwise aggravate the condition. For example, your foods-to-avoid list must include hot drinks like tea and coffee and spicy foods.
Last, but not the least, when it comes to using home remedies for mouth ulcer, you must also try eating one banana everyday in the morning. Following are some of the best remedies that you can try at home to relieve this condition.

It can accelerate the healing of the sore quite effectively.This remedy requires you to hold cultured buttermilk in your mouth for about 2-3 minutes and rinse the mouth thoroughly with it. Drinking mulberry or tomato juice on the other hand can be very beneficial in relieving the symptoms of mouth ulcer. Key ingredients in Smyle Mouth Ulcer Gel are Khadir,Irimed, Tagar, Rasana, Kushtha, Lodhra, Yashtimadhu, Karpoor & Sharkara. Alternatively,you can also gargle with a glass of water with grinded leaves of Indian plum-jambul thoroughly mixed in it.

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