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Among deadly disease, Hypertension considered as one of the most common disease conditions. The need of time and reply to this health problem is the use of organic medications and a go back to natural high blood pressure solutions. Ancient times and its medicinal system have able us with natural herbs, which help heighten body systems, more importantly reinforce heart muscles. Currently, there are lots of researches that prove the effectiveness of a number of medicinal plants greatly that shows the regulating effects on elevated blood pressure. I don’t know too many doctors who have “sleep books” that include much else beyond Ambien, Lunesta, Rozerem, Sonata, Halcion, Restoril and Desyrel, the common drugs used to treat insomnia.
Insomnia isn’t related to any specific amount of sleep beyond getting the amount that YOU need to feel refreshed and rested the next morning. Symptoms of insomnia include: having a hard time falling and staying asleep, having to use alcohol or medications to fall asleep, waking unusually early in the morning and feeling drowsy, irritable or tired much of the day. But if you’re suffering from insomnia and using sleep medications to get a good night’s sleep, you might be worse off than Mr.
Whether it’s depression, anxiety, stress, or other psychological issues, medicines you are taking that can cause sleep difficulties (ask your doctor or pharmacist), illness and other sleep related problems, there is hope and help to get back into rock-a-bye-baby land and have sweet dreams. In addition to exercise, what you eat all day also has an impact on how well you sleep, for better or worse.
Here’s where the mind comes in: you start thinking to yourself things like, “I MUST get to sleep!” or, “If I don’t get some sleep, I’ll NEVER pass that exam tomorrow!” Unrealistic expectations, exaggerations, awful-izing, thinking hopelessly, will surely keep you awake.
So if you are among the 30%-40% of adults with occasional insomnia or among the 10%-15% who have chronic, nightly insomnia, you are now equipped with the most widely used, proven formulas and techniques for better sleep: exercise, sleep promoting nutrition, rational quieter thinking and smart bed-time habits.
He provides coaching and breakthrough strategies to help business leaders, elite amateur and professional athletes, individuals and families reach new trajectories in life. Get Catherine’s NewsletterGet helpful tips, recipes, and fitness facts in your inbox, monthly. In light of the recent death of the fabulous actor and hard-core heroin addict, Philip Seymour Hoffman, pundits everywhere are weighing in on the all pervasive U.S. This figure of over 70 million Americans on some form of illegal or legal prescription drug does not include the estimated 60 million who have a  serious alcohol problem. Of the deaths from prescription drug overdoses, 75 percent, or 16,651 people, died from opioid pain relievers or prescription painkillers. Deaths from tai chi: Apparently the rocker Lou Reed was practicing tai chi when he died, but liver disease was listed as his official cause of death.
Deaths from flower essences: Although flower essences are used to aid pain and suffering in hospice care, I could find no known deaths caused by flower essences.

As science advances our understanding of the brain chemistry imbalances behind depression, anxiety, alcoholism and a host of other mental disorders, we can move towards a more holistic approach to mental health.
Regular daily exercise, which has been found to be equally effective as psychiatric medication short-term and long-term even more effective than exercise AND drugs. Counseling, coaching, kinesiology balances, group therapy, Alcoholics Anonymous and other support groups. Gluten-free diet and a well-balanced whole foods diet that includes enough protein to build your neurotransmitters, healthy fats (omega 3 fatty acids, coconut oil, olive oil and butter) and adequate healthy carbohydrates (minimum of 150 grams per day for anyone with depression). An individualized nutritional supplement regime to balance brain chemistry and correct nutritional and brain chemistry deficiencies. If a client wants to change their prescription medication, I always advise that they do so under the supervision and permission of their medical doctor. Ironically, this legal requirement is not a necessity for those wanting to get off illegal drugs. Often my clients have not admitted to their medical doctors what kinds of illegal drugs they are currently using and asking questions about illegal drug use is not necessarily part of a typical medical exam, although in my opinion it should be as illegal drugs have a wide range of adverse symptoms. Give yourself permission to discover natural healing remedies and find out how you can be happier and healthier without drugs. Side effects like drowsiness the following day, confusion, inattentiveness, and drug tolerance and dependence are enough to push you through the withdrawal symptoms and not look back.
If you’re sleeping seven to eight hours and still feel fatigued during the day, it might be insomnia.
Caffeine, sugar, and too much protein or salt all force your body to work hard, raise your blood glucose levels, create mental altertness, stress out your digestion and increase your blood pressure.
Turkey and chicken breast is loaded with the amino acid L-Tryptophan – it’s the reason so many people take naps on Thanksgiving Day. Foods like bananas, grapefruit, brown rice, low-fat frozen yogurt, and whole-wheat pasta, which are low in protein but high in carbohydrates, are good options. Deep breathing, muscle relaxation and challenging yourself to replace your negative thoughts with healthier more realistic thoughts will help promote sleep.
Life in and of itself is not always easy, but then you at your soul level may be stronger and more able to handle your challenges than you currently recognize. Aside from the price, the availability is not always guaranteed for the universal population.
The use of herbs or plants only has fewer side effects, which makes it safer to use eventually.

Did I mention drug interactions, rebound insomnia and the possibility that these medications may mask underlying problems?
Foods that are magnesium rich will also add a quieting effect, so try working wheat bulgar, fish, nuts, oranges, artichokes, and any kind of bean. You’ve eliminated your bedroom clocks from your view while lying in bed, and you always get out of bed when you can’t sleep and go into another room to do some relaxing that might include reading or a having a warm cup of herbal tea. Otherwise you’ll be stuck in a very negative cycle that begins with stress-inducing thoughts, which in turn will create physical tension that leads to poor sleep. Besides, these pharmaceutical drugs keep on bringing bring us the side effects when they are used for a long time. Once diagnosed, hypertension known to be a permanent condition, thereby compelling us regular intake of medications and treatments aside from revolutionizing our lifestyles and habits. Peanut or almond butter on whole wheat bread or crackers or some sunflower seeds may well be a great anti-insomnia bedtime snack. And finally, your bedroom smells like lavender, you’ve tried the melatonin, valerian root and L-theanine (after checking with your MD, please).
All of which will lead to you feeling drowsy during the day, drinking more caffeine to stay awake and, you guessed it, more insomnia.
Some pharmaceutical drugs of long-term use raise the risk of increasing obstacles; some also bring with them side effects especially following long-term use. He served as the Senior Consultant for Behavioral Sciences for ACE, and is the Chief Behavioral Science Consultant for Premier Fitness Camps at Omni La Costa, an international behavior science presenter and Keynote speaker, Advisor to numerous fitness organizations, and is a member of the ICAA Scientific Advisory Board. In contrast, natural high blood pressure remedies are more abided since they have fewer unintentional penalties.
The uses of these natural herbs as remedies are not that high compared to pharmaceutical agents and medications recommended by physicians. Preparing these herbs is easy as one-two-three. Once that, the herbs grow, will be easier for people to achieve a healthy life.

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