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There was a period of time I was totally obsessed with L’Occitane products and I still like this brand. This serum, comes with a delicate packaging, was in the most expensive range of L’Occitane. You can either use it as a daily skincare product, apply morning and evening, or use it as a intensive treatment, apply once or twice a week after the exfoliator. I bought this serum because I was stressed about many things at that time and my skin was dull due to lack of sleep. However, there’s a similar product called Immortelle Brightening Essence which seems to be an enhanced version. By the time I finished the first bottle my dull looking skin was visibly brighter and more even. I was very impressed and the excitement somehow took away the stress which was a bonus for me. The only thing imperfect about this product is that it doesn’t work for acne blemishes although it can make my skin brighter which is really strange.

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