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Ways To Use Lavender Essential Oil Effectively Treats Insomnia One of the best uses of lavender is to treat insomnia. Open Tear Ducts Another effective use of lavender oil is, apply a few drops of the oil over the bridge of the nose and massage gently to unblock and open the tear ducts to provide immense relief. Treats Sinuses And Allergies Lavender oil can also be used for treating sinuses and allergies. Acts As A Deodorant Lavender oil can also be used in the form of a deodorant because of its sweet soothing smell. Reduces Tiredness And Keeps Refreshed You can even add few drops of lavender oil on your hot tea and drink on a regular basis to keep yourself refreshed all the time.
Stops Bleeding From Cuts If you get a cut and unable to stop the bleeding then apply lavender oil to stop the bleeding instantly. Used In Linens Used Lavender oil can also be used on the linens kept in the closet for a long time to keep away from moths and insects. Treats Menstrual Cramps Lavender oil is also very beneficial for treating menstrual cramps. Used For Cleaning You can even use lavender oil with your cleaning products to fight germs. Used In Bath Water Lavender oil can be used in your bath water to provide a refreshing feeling.
Helps A Baby To Sleep Well Lavender oil can also be used to a baby’s bath water to calm down the baby. Reduces Headache Whenever you have an acute headache you can always use lavender oil to get instant relief.
Ideally, you want to avoid being bitten by wearing long sleeves and long pants or other protective measures. Hold an ice pack or some ice wrapped in a washcloth on the affected area for about 10 to 15 minutes.
The hardest thing i have found to date after the initial blood bruising and swelling stage, is keeping her calm and her mind active for the first 30 days that she has to be caged. Although on a light food prior to the operation, due to the lack of exercise and to prevent weight gain, Coco’s current diet consists of 1 tin of chappie (vet recommended) with boiled carrots and white cabbage per day. Coco started her 5 min walks after her 4 week check up and is now on 21 minutes 3 times per day, flat ground only and on her lead, she is thoroughly enjoying her new found freedom. At the checkup the vet measured the tops of her thighs, there is currently 6.5cm between her right and left.
Coco has adapted really well to her current routine and the restrictions do not appear to have affected her at all. This is a relatively new (in this country) proceedure.  I am so happy to know someone else has had access to it and done this surgery.
CoCo must now be about 7 months post op!  WOOHOO!  Past that magic 6 month point!  How is the leg now?  She must be back to her old self. These cures will shut down pain, strengthen immunity, banish stress and erase your most stubborn health hassles, fast.By Brenda Kearns.
The average Sri Lankan eats 116 coconuts every year, yet folks living in this tropical paradise are just half as likely as North Americans to get pudgy. Yoga is a wildly popular stress-buster and insomnia cure in Austria (folks there don’t just practice at home and in classes -- they also go on yoga retreats and holidays!).
These edible fungi are considered to be both food and medicine in Japan, and the average Japanese woman noshes at least eight pounds of them every year.
Russians reach for this tasty herb when they want to stamp out colds, the flu or pretty much anything. Coriander seed is one of the world’s oldest spices, and a popular Egyptian folk remedy for bad tummy troubles (the seeds have even been found in ancient tombs). Unpasteurized honey is one of the top home remedies used by New Zealand women when germs sneak past their defenses.
Traditional healers in Mexico recommend aloe vera as a remedy for rashes and other skin problems.
Kefir is a creamy, fermented drink that looks like a milkshake and tastes like tart, tangy yogurt. Kefir is also their go-to remedy for irritable bowel syndrome -- an often-debilitating intestinal hassle that causes bloating, pain, diarrhea and other upsets for one in five adults. Starting from household cleaning, to treating physical ailments for everything in between lavender essential oil is very useful. If you currently do not own a bottle of lavender oil then you should get one at the earliest since it is very essential, handy and useful to use for various purposes. If you have sleep disorder or you are suffering from insomnia then lavender oil is very effective. Rub a few drops of Lavender oil on your entire scalp and massage the scalp well so that the oil gets absorbed in the scalp.

Put a drop of Lavender oil on a tissue paper and wrap it around a small cube of ice and put the ice cube under the nose as long as it is comfortable or until the bleeding stops completely.
Mix a few drops of lavender essential with distilled water and gently apply on the sunburn affected areas. Take a few drops of lavender oil and rub on the back of your neck, chest, and between your eyes to reduce the pain and the discomfort caused due to these problems. Rub a few drops of lavender oil on the base of the neck and within few minutes it will calm you down and reduce anxiety to a great extent. Apply about 2 – 3 drops of Lavender oil on the armpit area like a deodorant to keep away from the sweat smell on hot summer days.
Put a drop of lavender oil on a cold sore on a regular basis to heal the sore completely within few days. Add a few drops of Lavender essential oil to water, keep it in a spray bottle and spray across the house.
Apply a drop Lavender oil on the cut and you would see that the bleeding has stopped instantly. Apply a few drops of lavender oil on a cotton ball and keep it on your linens inside the closet.
Apply a few drops of lavender essential oil on your abdomen area and gently massage the area whenever you are suffering from cramps. Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to your bath water and take bath daily to keep away from fatigue and tiredness. Whenever you are suffering from high fever add some drops of lavender oil to a cool washcloth and rub gently on your forehead, neck, and trunk to reduce the body temperature and to keep the body cool. Use lavender oil on a regular basis to build up your immune system against various harmful diseases.
Rub a drop of lavender oil on chapped or sunburned lips on a regular basis to get back smooth lips.
If you have an ugly scar mark on your body then regular application of lavender helps to reduce the scar completely.
Apply a drop of lavender oil on the end of the tongue, around the navel or behind the ears while you are travelling. Apply a few drops of lavender oil on the insect bite to reduce itching, pain and swelling instantly.
Whenever you get a sprain immediately apply lavender oil to get instant relief from the pain and to prevent bruises.
Apply 2-3 drops of lavender oil on minor burns to get instant relief from the pain and burning sensation. They use their thin, sharp and elongated mouthpart to puncture the skin of the host and suck up the blood.Because the puncture is so small, we often don’t feel the bite when it happens. This will give you quick relief from the swelling as well as itchiness.If ice is not available, hold the affected area under a cool running tap for a few minutes.
She is now putting her foot to the floor for balance although she is not putting her full weight on it. She has a further check up in 2-weeks time and then x-rays to see how everything is healing. If she finds the treat she gets the reward, very simple but very effective, after being cooped up in a cage all day. She no longer has to be caged, but we choose to do so because we have another Labrador and when playing together they can be quite boisterous so we are currently not taking any chances.
We have been told although this will improve over the next few months it will never be the same size as the other leg. I was lucky with both dogs in that swelling was very minimal and they would toe touch and able to bear beight the first day.  I was amazed. The reason: Coconut oil is packed with medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) that prod the liver to burn body fat 50 percent faster than normal. And the locals don’t just toss this flavorful root into stir fries -- they use it to make ginger tea, candy, bread and a host of other tasty treats.
Adding at least half a cup of mushrooms to your daily diet could cut your cholesterol levels as much as 30 percent, according to Penn State studies.
According to Stanford University researchers, sipping two cups of this soothing brew daily helps ease bloating and belly pain within 24 hours. When java was first introduced to Finland in the 18th century, it was only sold in pharmacies and was praised as a great cure for depression. Now research published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry suggests that coriander seeds can actually speed your recovery from full-blown intestinal infections. According to researchers at the University of Illinois and University of Amsterdam, the natural antibiotics and enzymes in unpasteurized honey (but not the heat-treated kind) destroy almost 100 percent of bacteria and viruses on contact -- and that includes the bugs that cause painful sinus and throat infections.Just mix two tablespoons of unpasteurized honey into your daily coffee or tea to prevent (and help fight) these painful infections.
It’s made by fermenting milk with a blend of healthy probiotic bacteria and yeast, and women in Russia sip roughly 40 four-ounce servings of the stuff every year.

Mix a few drops of Lavender essential oil with coconut oil and apply it over the eczema affected areas.
Gently apply a few drops of lavender oil on your scar on a regular basis and within few days you will notice that the scar has disappeared completely. But the after effects can be very annoying and potentially harmful.Some of the symptoms of mosquito bites are itchiness, swelling, skin rashes, bruising and occasionally skin infection.
They’ve always consider this herb a potent heart tonic -- and now studies back them up. This compound also helps the pancreas’ ability to make insulin when sugar levels creep up.
Mustard actually has healing plant compounds that draw toxins out through pores, improve circulation, relax tight muscles and speed healing of damaged tissues, says James F. It contains at least five times more healthy, intestine-soothing probiotics than yogurts do.
Mosquito bites can also lead to fatal diseases like malaria and dengue in some parts of the world.
According to Stanford researchers, a daily dose of ginger can cut your production of artery-clogging fats called triglycerides by 27 percent. Mushrooms are packed with antioxidants that dampen the liver’s production of artery-clogging fats, the study authors say.Bored of button mushrooms? Their studies suggest sipping two cups of caffeinated coffee daily can cut your risk of blue moods by 34 percent, and enjoying three or more cups daily cuts your risk of depression by 42 percent or more. There’s no doubt that aloe is a powerful anti-inflammatory that heals damaged tissues and promotes the growth of healthy new skin cells, says Dr.
And University of Madrid research suggests that a daily half-cup serving can trigger a ten-fold increase in healing, probiotic bacteria in your digestive tract. According to the study, coffee’s mix of caffeine and antioxidants stimulates the brain to produce more powerful, natural antidepressant hormones such as serotonin and dopamine.
Balch.If you are having skin issues, look for aloe vera cream or gel in your health food store and apply three times daily to rash-prone areas. Being alkaline in nature, it neutralizes the pH of the skin and hence provides relief.Dissolve one teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water. I can relax a bit now that it has all worked and she will be able to enjoy her walks again soon. Portobellos are great grilled, stuffed, or used as a meat substitute in burgers and sandwiches.
Dip a clean cloth into the mixture and put the cloth over the affected skin area for 10 to 20 minutes.Another option is to make a paste using witch hazel and baking soda. Try these easy ones today: Wild Garlic and White Bean Curry,Chickpea curry with cucumber, and Grilled Corn with Cilantro Pesto and Cotija Cheese. It must be calamine (ferric oxide and zinc carbonate mixture) and zinc oxide as active ingredients. It will reduce pain, swelling and itching, as well as aid in faster healing.Cut the meaty portion of an aloe vera leaf to extract the gel.
Kalem June 3, 2014 at 2:45 am ReplyI also have VEY pale skin (Irish Heritage) Anemia contributing to the paleness and I cant even scratch, If I do I get bruising along with redness! Apply the paste onto the area.Another option is to make a paste using garlic salt, seasoning salt and water in equal amounts. Now that lil Aloe Plant has been re-planted and has grown so big and healthy I cant even lift it myself anymore! Mosquitos not ONLY happen to love my blood, I get bitten all over, in clusters, and believe me they do not even look like bites, more like welts! Take of a branch, break it open, cover all my bites (welts!) NOT only instant relief, but the redness is gone, bumps gone, PROBLEM-GONE!!!! But these look like a grate start ?? barb June 11, 2014 at 8:53 pm ReplyTea Tree oil works best for me, tried alcohol, witch hazel, no good. I found hot water for a few seconds as hot as you can stand but without hurting your skin stops the itch.
Google it, but it works and you are itch free for a long time if not entirely, and if it itches again just repeat. Rub a piece of banana peel on the bite for about a minute and watch the redness and itching go away!
I was attacked by some some huge black mosquitoes, once again, earlier today that I’ve never seen before in CA before this year.

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